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Thread: Here's some nursery rhyme parodies I've done, centered around littles

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    Talking Here's some nursery rhyme parodies I've done, centered around littles

    If you're a little like me, chances are you've seen or heard Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes at some point in your childhood. Well, I've written a couple parodies using us littles as the focal point...

    This first one deals with what to expect when you go to an ABDL nursery, e.g. Mommy Madeline or Mama Melody:

    A was an ABDL nursery, in which…
    B bathed you
    C cuddled you
    D diapered you
    E entertained you
    F fed you
    G giggled with you
    H hugged you
    I idolized you
    J joked with you
    K kissed you goodnight
    L loved you
    M made you feel at home
    N nurtured you
    O ogled at you
    P played with you
    Q quieted you down
    R rocked you
    S sang to you
    T tickled you
    U understood you
    V vitalized you
    W watched over you
    And X, Y, Z and ampersand
    Can’t imagine a stay as grand.

    Another deals with day care life:

    CHORUS: Sing a song of daycare days,
    A bottle full of juice.
    Eight and forty cookies
    Baked with chocolate mousse.
    When the snack was ready,
    The tots began to sing:
    Now ain’t this such a yummy dish
    For the first week of the spring?

    Miss Polly was by the cabinets,
    Giving the sink a wiper.
    Miss Jenny was in the corner,
    Changing Ian’s diaper.
    Miss Tina was by the window,
    Letting in more light,
    When down came a swarm of shield bugs
    And gave her such a fright!


    My daycare’s not like others,
    That much, folks, is plain;
    And some of you might laugh
    If I had to explain:
    For we’re what’s known as “littles”,
    Not like your younger kind.
    We’re just plain, ordinary adults——
    With a little-kid frame of mind!


    There were toys on every shelf
    For every area planned,
    With balls and blocks and plushies
    From far across the land.
    Music came from a Sonos
    Hidden in the wall,
    With a different artist every day
    To virtually come to call.


    And most days there was a field trip
    Into our neighborhood:
    Be it farm, amusement park,
    Museum, beach or woods.
    Last week we took one to the zoo—
    Now, folks, here’s the rub.
    A grizzly bear mistook Miss Polly’s lunch
    For her missing cub!

    (if you wanna hear more, you can sing it yourself)

    So, what do you think? Real clever, no?

    Daddy Zorro, eat your heart out!

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