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Thread: "Extra Medium" diaper

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    Default "Extra Medium" diaper

    So one of my favorite diapers would have to be the Abena M (or L) 4. The problem I have is that I have a big butt. Which means that when it comes to pants, and more importantly diapers, I am almost in between a large and a medium. The Abena L4 is too big, and the M4 is too small. I usually buy my pants in a 34/32 if that makes a difference. If anyone has some advice on different diapers, I would appreciate the input.

    Stay diapered my friends.

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    I would suggest medium dry 24/7. They run a bit bigger

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    You copied my size!!!! Lol I buy my pants 34x32, what I have found out is medium m4's fit great, they just run a little lower for my liking, kind of like tighty whites, my best diapers are tykables level 2, xp medical size regular, dry 24/7 medium and Abu sdk mediums for day time, larges at night time.
    I also picked up a pack of seni size regular to have a cloth backed option, they work good to..
    I prefer my diapers to go just below my belly button up past the top of my butt by 2-3" or just below the small of my back.
    Although to say I'm loving the tighter feel of the sdk's they ride lower but whick better than the larges

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    There's a such thing as regular size in a few brands that fit that between size range.

    As one had stated before, medium Dry 24/7 diapers are perfect for our sizing issues. You might find the sizing perfect for you.

    I also think that ABU diapers are on the smaller size when it comes to large diapers. They fit well compared to most large diapers.

    Other than that, not too many diapers fit me that well.

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    If Dry 24/7 mediums work, so will Bellissimos large and ABU large. I believe that the latter two (which I prefer) have a higher rise and capacity, which is great for sleeping. As always sample before you buy a large quantity.

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    I believe size 2 tykables are around the size range as well, between an ABU medium and large, but I didn't really like the fit. But that was half a year ago when I weighed less. I think I'll try a sample here soon.

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    as a size 34 waist, i can wear medium, but large work so much better. you need to tape them a bit tighter, but the are all I wear.

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    I haven't been on in a while but I had to respond to this thread I've seen this come up in her forums and everyone always mentions dry 24/7 and those are great I'm between sizes but also have bigger thighs, the dry 24/7 are great but for something thinner you will find the molicare comfort super to be the best. I've tried all premium brands available and it's the only diaper that fits great. You can bet it on xp medical it's the molicare that's not the super plus it holds for daytime and if you use a goodnites tru fit is also a good night time diaper. Had to reply as I hope this helps someone!

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    I'm in a similar situation where I'm a 34 inch waist but I wear Large just because I find I get a better fit primarily because the pad is longer.I bought some dry24/7 samples from save express 4 medium and 4 large I tried a medium the other night they fit but were very low and I tired a large last night and even though the tapes nearly over lapped I found i got a better fit. I also wonder of it's something to do with being tall as I'm around 6ft

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    I was looking at my list and was a bit surprised to find that the vast majority of size large adult diapers have almost the same pad length front to back. While the amount of "dead plastic" in the front or back varies, (waddlers being almost nothing, Absorbency Plus and AwwSoCute have huge tails) All of these (in size Large) have btween 31 and 32 inches of padding, front to back:

    Comfort Super
    Super Plus
    Little Pawz
    Absorbency Plus 4
    Xplus PE 4

    (diapers with front/rear elastic tend to have smaller apparent length because it pulls the front and back down a bit, most noticeable on diapers with short dead areas like Tykables for example)

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