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Thread: White privilege

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    Default White privilege

    So I was looking through my ABDL social media and as I was scrolling down I blurred out "Yo! were all the black ABDLs at?"

    Then it got me to realized theirs not alot of minorities in this community. I push my discussion further with a fellow ABDL member and stated

    that in the US black parents tend to come from a lower socioeconomic status, and in communities "of color" diapers are sometimes used less for financial reasons.

    What do you think about White privilege in the community?

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    I believe in the existence of white privilege, and you make an interesting point. I'm not sure though, that many black/African-American families don't use disposable diapers. I wonder if there is a cultural stigma that discourages black males from letting go of inhibitions, assuming they're attracted to diapers? I grew up on the Jersey Shore, and it was a survival of the fittest if your were a young male. I weight lifted as did a number of my friends, just so we could be tough enough and not be the object of some bully's interest. Because of wanting to be tough, it was very difficult for me to accept that I not only wanted to be in diapers, but that I wanted to use them and feel like I was a toddler.

    That said, I'm interested in your opinion because you would understand the black community. I worked as a teacher assistant at an inner city school here in Virginia, so I understand a little of the culture, but it's not the same as living black. I yield to your knowledge and opinion. I think it's a good question.

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    I was raised in a Black and Latino culture with many catholic values. I NEVER thought about this question till i realized how little minorities are in this community. I personally think that this community is being overshadowed by very slim attractive male and females that happened to be white. idk if its us putting us in a box or the other way around.

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    Side note, TaviMunk is black, and makes super cute babyfur art.

    Anyway, yeah, it does seem like AB/DL is pretty heavy white, which could come down to wealth possibly. Some have contemplated that having more free time is what starts up unusual lifestyles/fetishes, while being more busy gives you less time to imagine less.

    On the other hand though, from what I understand there are a lot of AB/DL in the Asian population but that is also probably a cultural thing for them.

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    I never really thought about the aisan community.
    But that an interesting point

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    There have been many Black, Asian Hispanic & Poor White Trailer Trash members here over the many years I've been a member here as well as the WASPS. It may not seem like a lot but I think it represents the ratio or members of the various groups. If anything I think ADISC has an especially high ratio of Asperger's, Autistic and Gay members but who cares? Whatever we are we are here because we like diapers, not to blame another group for our "crazy" love of diapers.

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    i just feel bad that we are overshadowed by twinks

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    It seems to me like diversity in our community is growing by leaps and bounds, albiet from a very small starting point. I look forward to seeing everyone else getting in on the fun.

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    I suspect a great deal of the population is simply demographic. Whites remains a majority of the population in the United States and Canada, and a supermajority of the population in most European countries. ADISC membership and ABDL Internet community membership in general is heavily concentrated in North America and Europe. This, in turn, is a result of the fact that those two regions have by far the highest Internet penetration and usage, and when you discount China where the people mostly don't access English websites and have government censorship that likely applies to sexual topics like ABDL, it's not surprising that the vast, vast majority of the ABDL population is white even if ABDL is perfectly evenly distributed across all races in actual fact.

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