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    Hi all, I hope all is well with everyone. I've been a DL with a little AB since I could remember, I'm 31 now and have been actively wearing since around age 13, Ive taken breaks, hide diapers, sneaked them, bought cheap ones, bought expensive ones.
    I bought my 1st house when I was 25, from there I have always had a good supply, always kept them in my closet with no worries of anyone finding out, what a great feeling.
    So last night I had a "new first experience" I took a shower as I always do, I had to shave "both upstairs and down stairs" which is normal, when I got out of the shower I dried off, I got this idea to take j&j baby lotion and spread it all over my body, I then went to my bed room and took out one sdk 2.0 layed it on my bed, I layed on top of it, powdered myself and taped it closed.
    I suddenly felt the most relaxed / bliss moment I've haven't felt in a very long time, the sents of the lotion and powder hit me, I was totally relaxed and felt so comfy and safe, I don't normally do a lot of AB things but whe. I was laying there all I wanted was a pacifier or bottle to suck on. I know it's weird but I can't wait to do that again

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    Doesn't sound weird to me, sounds like a great evening.

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