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Thread: Would you go back?

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    Default Would you go back?

    If you had a chance to have a do over on life and go back to when you were first born would you?

    You get to keep all your memories from when you were born up until this point.

    What would be things you would do differently or change? 😁

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    Sounds pretty torturous. I had a hard enough time not being treated like an adult the first time around. Actually having the experience of an adult as a baby and child would be far worse. It would be a high price to pay for possibly making some better decisions, or maybe just different ones. I'm not sure that real adult perspective would improve on the experience.

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    Yes I be back like a shot. And I would live every day play my hardiest.

    And enjoying be a child.

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    Yes, definitely yes! My earlier years were pretty terrible and I have very few good memories before my early 20s (I think that's why I prefer to take on a carer role in a relationship rather than AB). If I'm reading your post correctly and I get to keep my adult memories, but go through childhood and growing up again and make new memories, then I would love that. Although I probably wouldn't have all these fetishes now and would be a very different person with kids and maybe an easy part time job! Life would be a bit dull! haha

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    No. My younger to youngest years were horrible. I was neglected, abused, and at one point abandoned. I would rather not relive that.

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    You know the randomness of the universe when you have kids and realise if you did go back with your awareness intact you couldn't help but to change things and wind up with no kids, more kids but definitely not your primary timeline kids, apart from that to quote Eric Cartman "yeah I want cheesy poofs."

    I am sure my life would be completely different but not sure my modern day brutal sensibilities would be a good thing for those I interacted with in the past.

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    Even though I did go through a lot of abuse, I would still say yes. Knowing what I know now, I probably could change a lot and probably prevent a lot of the abuse. Also, I only got to skip one grade because I didn't push for more, but I imagine doing it again, I could skip a large portion of them XD. Rather than focusing on all the drama that occurred in my family, I would focus on myself and be the best person I could possibly be.

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    No, if I had to go through what I went through before, even though I would have memories and avoid certain things I wouldn't do it even though being a baby one more time would be fun

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    I've often imagined what it would be like, if I could start my life over but retain my memories. I wonder how my elementary school teachers would react to me being much smarter than the other kids in class, like if I was reading Shakespeare instead of the kids story assigned to us.

    But no, I wouldn't do that for a few reasons. One being the fact that my life was really rough starting from the age of 10. I hated school, because of bullies and because I hated 'learning' about a bunch of stuff I thought (and still think) is useless. At the same time, my parents refused to listen to me about my misgivings about school, I was struggling with my sexuality, and I was falling out with most of my friends. This struggle wasn't quite as bad in high school, but they didn't really end until I graduated from high school.

    Another reason is that I choose independence over submission (being an AB this is a little ironic), but I love having the freedom to choose and take action, instead of depending entirely on others.

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    If I had to go back to 1950, no, because medicine and dentistry were horrible back then. I also wouldn't want to leave my family, and all the people I love. But I've thought about it, and if I could go back and have the important things, like relationships be the same, then I would. I would for one thing and it's this. I would take my music a lot more seriously. I would start as a young kid, on piano, and I would practice and play like crazy.

    It's only been in the last few years that I've fallen in love with the piano. I did practice 8 hours a day on organ for years, but the piano is a much more beautiful instrument, so for that reason, I'd go back and be a lot more serious about things that matter. But that of course, is the adult mind speaking, not the kid mind.

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