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Thread: All Hail The Demon Princess!

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    Default All Hail The Demon Princess!

    Yaay!!! The forums are back... Even if I have to claw my way back up the rep ladder... Which seems hard 'cause many other newer members are more charismatic than me and so shall grow their rep faster than me...

    Anyway... for any newbies or people who never really contributed to the forum before I am Mysika... of course you can just call me Mysi or Missy... I'm just some attention seeking, little forum sprite that you see around the forum sometimes... I'm a trans-girl in the earlier stages of transition... I'm not too in to being helpless so I'm probably more LG than TB... but I'm still DL on the other hand...

    Now in terms of stuff about me... It's such a vast subject to bother with (and I am a lazy bitch) so it's better to get to know me yourself when things are in perspective...

    Oh and the title... well while i don't really have a fursona... I could say I have an otherkin identity as some vampiric poison demon... And I happen to be conceited enough to call myself royalty...

    And now is my time to dissapear into violet mist...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysika View Post

    And now is my time to dissapear into violet mist...
    Hello and welcome back. I hope you take a flashlight into that mist in case you can't see in there! :p

    On a more formal note: Could you please avoid using the color purple (or violet), as moderators use this specific color for official messages concerning their mod duties (because the user name of the moderators is purple too). Sorry for the inconvenience.


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    YAY!!! my neechan (little sister) is back!!!!

    but if your royalty... then wat should i adress you as, mysi-chan or should i call you mysika-sama

    and is it officially a poison demon or a muiyoukai? oh well just REMEMBER WHERE you put your poisen claws.. dont stick people accidently okies.

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    What if we use red. Does that mean it must be contraversial due to it being the colour of a neg rep person or a banned member.

    Well it doesn't look that bad actually

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    Welcome back, sis! (I'm not the first one to proclaim you my sister -- what gives here!) The way I see it, a forum without a Mysi is no forum at all!

    Have fun and enjoy!

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    Yays: *girls dressed in pink* = some of my favorite things
    I stick to my policy of making no references to Mysika or paying her any attention of any sort.

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    Like I said before Peach-Peach.... Kiss my padded butt 'cause it's my font color now...

    Anyways... I haven't got poison claws... I inject poison from my retractable wrist spurs... I suppose you could say muiyoukai... But actually the name I've given my race is Meisai... And I'm working on writing out my demon lore for people to see... Might even write a story with it...

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    my apologies its actually dokuyoukai, not muiyoukai i was thnking muyoukai... muyoukai means only fog/mist demon POISONdemon is "DOKUyoukai"... srry for the grammatical error

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    I was using Dark Orchid so if you're gonna exercise your stupid seizing of the right to use certain colors... Atleast have the editing reason specify that Dark Orchid is too confusing with the Mod color rather than suggesting I'm using your precious color... I mean as it is the edited posts don't say I can't turn them all back to the Dark Orchid they were...
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