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    Hello, I have been disconnected... , so I'm here for a reintroduction and to get more established.

    I'm 58, married and occasionally work DL into my life, but privately. I'm mildly AB too, with a small collection of items that take me back to about 12-18 months old.

    I've always been a maker. I like working with wood and gardening. I have a vintage VW bug.

    For work, among other things, I maintain a garden related web page and buy and sell stuff.

    I really like uncovering psychological connections between complicated parts of my life, including ABDL, social and personal interactions, courage, acceptance, growing along spiritual lines, life balance, etc.

    Anyway, Hoping to connect with some cool people.
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    warm welcome to the little side embrace it but be careful. dont let the little fog dont take you down a dark patch (im guessing your wife dont know)

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    Being careful is always a good point. My wife has always known and has become more accepting in recent years, but has no interest in anything DL. She does like my playful little side.

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