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Thread: Any FTP MMORPGs?

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    Default Any FTP MMORPGs?

    Does anyone play free MMORPGs like LOTR, DDO, WoW? Would love to get an AB/DL guild started (with a not so obvious name)!

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    Definitely in for this.

    I was playing ArcheAge for a little while, but got tired of it pretty quick. I'd love to get into another MMO though

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    The only MMO I have played is Runescape, and that was a loooooong time ago. :P

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    I would sign up to any MMORPG just to hang out with other ABDLs (assuming it's free and not specific to a console). I have characters on all of the above bar Runescape (I didn't even realise that was still going!)

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    Probably the best I can think of is TERA, and it's pretty fun to play

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    Blade & Soul I feel like is one of the best f2p games out right now. If you like TERA, then you will probably like it at least just as much.

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    I just decided to download TERA myself last night. I played it way back when it first went free to play but I had a terrible computer back then that could barely run it.

    As for other FTP MMORPG's. I'm a pretty big Wildstar fan, it's got a great sense of humor and the gameplay is really great. All enemies telegraph their attacks and can be interrupted. Raiding in it is really rewarding and fun. PvP is awesome as well but not very active.

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    The only two I've played are TERA and Runescape. I haven't gotten far in TERA but I think they have raids and I've always wanted to do one of those. They just sound so epic.

    Runescape I think put them in too but I don't see that many people doing them. But there's plenty of group activities and skills to do in there.

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    I play Mabinogi. I'm not sure if there's an abdl guild or not but that might be fun, especially since you can be super little in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvToColour View Post
    I play Mabinogi. I'm not sure if there's an abdl guild or not but that might be fun, especially since you can be super little in the game.
    Mabinogi is probably my favorite MMORPG as of right now, I don't play very much anymore though. After G3 I felt like it went a bit down hill. Making things way too easy and such. I do pop on now and again just to see what is new. Or if there is some sort of event going on and I actually happen to know about it, then I will pop on then too XD.

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