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Thread: wearing loaded diaper in a long time

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    Default wearing loaded diaper in a long time

    how would it be if someone wears a diaper and fully load it with poop and stay so for more than a day? will any problem occur by doing so?

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    You would definitely be looking at some major stink and a bad diaper rash.

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    Yeah... If you do that hopefully you live alone and aren't planning on going anywhere in public...

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    I'd recommend substituting oatmeal instead. It's nice and mushy and is actually good for your skin.

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    Yeah, and the long duration thing, in my opinion, would only be a somewhat decent idea if you have thick skin. By this I mean you aren't rash prone.

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    It would get itchy and uncomfortable after a while. Maybe trial it for 4 hours, then 8, then 12.

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    You probably won't enjoy it as much as you think you will.

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    Not a good idea, but sometimes you won't believe that until you actually try it out. You probably won't cause permanent damage, but it's going to be very uncomfortable.

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    If you really want to try i will advise your to put a lot of cream and powder when diapering yourself , and maybe to put cream on your diaper-area during several day before it , to prepare your skin for the harsh treatment you are going to impose to it.

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    I will also advise your to eat properly , regulating your fecal PH is very importante ( Healthy ph is basic, if you have an acidic PH diaper rash would be inevitable). Basic PH is also very violent on the long run, and your idea to wear it for so long will probably cause it to interact largely enough with your skin

    To keep a neutral or slightly alkaline PH try to not eat to much fat , eat vegetables and drink a little bit of lemon juice during the 3 day preceding your experience ( it may seems weird but an internal action in your body will make your stool less acidic ).
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