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Thread: Should I start a blog?

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    Default Should I start a blog?

    Looking at getting some reactions about starting a blog. It would be about my girlfriend and I and diapers. A little back story is I just introduced her to diapers about a month ago and the last couple of weeks she has been wearing for me! It's been awesome and I'm thinking about doing a blog about our adventures! Anyone interested in reading about it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman123456 View Post
    Anyone interested in reading about it??
    Who cares? You sound like your're excited to write it! So you should totally do it.

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    I'd say that you should go with it if you want to man! Do whatever makes you happy and if writing about your adventures makes you happy just go with the flow and do it!

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    There are many blogs like this on Tumblr, I think you'd fit right into the community.

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    The more people that are brave enough to share their real life experiences with the community, the more will have the courage to come forward. Go for it!

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    I'd say go for it. If you're excited about it, then people will be more interested and excited about it.

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    Thanks for the replies! Just from what I've read on tumblr, they all seem so...I guess probably the best word would be fake, story like if you say. I would be writing about the real stuff people I find haven't really been talking about! Hopefully I'll get it started up in the next week or so!

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