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    Default goodnites true fit

    just wondering what size waste these will work for if anyone has an idea

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    Well this is actually my first ever post on here so, Hi! I currently wear them on a regular basis and I'm a 34" I however wouldn't want to wear them if I was any bigger.

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    I'm about 29" and they barely fit (girls L/XL), and don't pull up high enough so I don't use them. Goodnites L/XL on the other hand fit great. Even S/M just barely fit, super-tight. So I was surprised that Tru-Fit was so poor on me.

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    I've got a 28" or 29" inch waist and the Tru-fits are a bit snug on me, but work as intended.

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    have a 31" waist and 40" hips they are snug but fit, girls XL only time i leak is when i exceed capacity of the pad insert preop MTF they fit like a cross between a bikini and a high waist similar to hip hugger i love them if i have to look the part of a normal underwear wearer these are my go to...

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