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Thread: My mom was so Delirous she thought i was a kid

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    Default My mom was so Delirous she thought i was a kid

    My mom has pneimonia and due to Lack of Oxygen to the brain, she told me to go and play and spoke to me als if i was a Child. I immediatly went to Little Space. i couldn't really Act like a Little but i felt it. I Could always Play Along but my dad was there and sane. wish this happened more and my dad was the same.

    She proberly thought i was 4 but i Wanted to be 2. because i didn't Talk when i was 2

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    I sure hope it's recoverable. Is she doing any better yet?

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    Uhh, yeah. Is your Mom okay? I'd be more concerned than anything else if I didn't know that for sure.

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    Shes in Safe Hands and yes i wish for her to he better

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    Being super sick can make strange things happen sometimes. I remember getting sick one time and woke up and the wall of my apartment at the time was gone and there was the black pearl being attacked by the other ship from the first pirates of the Caribbean movie. Clear as crystal, I had to convince myself that it wasn't really there. Hope your mom gets better really soon though!

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    Well if it truly was a delusion, which is an altered appearance of reality, maybe it is how she sees you or how you look to her. As my psychologist psychology teacher would say, for all we know a delusional person might be seeing the truth behind reality.

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    Woah, so she know's that i am Little, wow! She had a Few wierd halucinations including 2 corpses on her bed and 1 Week later, my uncle died and my dad's bos's daughter died, that explains the corpses!

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