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Thread: Paddy put me on a naughty chair for real.

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    Cool Paddy put me on a naughty chair for real.

    Paddy put me on a naughty chair for real this evening. Becouse i keep asking "But Why?" To many times.

    Paddy is my big brother Dom and I switch between being his Little and his Care giver when he is in Middle mode.

    I did get a warning that if I said "But Why?" Once more then I would have 2 minutes on the naughty chair.

    Of course the next thing I said was "But Why?"

    So i was put on the chair and not allowed to move for 2 minutes.
    Paddy disciplining me. With me laughing at him. I was not going to let him have it all his way.

    If he try it again I will nave to goto grownd as he is strong enough to pick me up.

    Will I don't have school to day and he pinky promised that we will do something fun to day even though it is raining.

    How has your P~Dom disciplined you.

    PS He does this and he checks on me at night and I get my good night Hug.
    But he won't read a bed time story to me? What do you think I should do?

    This is the first time he as disciplined me in this way.



    Pps Sisi a good boy?

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    My Naughty Chair is an "Adult Potty Chair".

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