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    Default That was unexpected!

    So, earlier tonight i popped around to a nearby friends house whom i met a while ago through our car club.
    Most weekends they usually have a friend or two over for movies and tea and have asked me over before but i had been busy, tonight i was free.
    After a while it was down to myself, my friend and another guest, when they were ready to leave they began to put on a pair of jeans over their track pants. (Pretty normal really, it is already cold here)
    They were sort of standing side on to me as they did this and i thought, it really looks like they are padded, and kept the thought to myself as we chatted and they left.
    After they left my friend kind of began to vaguely mention and i said straight out, i thought it looked like they were padded!
    Anyway after a bit of a chat and realising we have even more in common than we knew before, they sent me home with a little something....
    It was a rearz meduim
    Iv'e always wanted to try them too, so it was indeed a most unexpected turn of events!

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    Wow, what are the chances of that happening? I take it you have some free thinking friends.

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    Unexpected events like this is always a super huge plus. So glad that you know of other friends that know and accept as well as being part of wearing and using diapers too. I would bet the next time they ask you over for a movie or anything, you won't turn them down, you will be there early even, lol.

    Keep having fun.

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    Caught up with my friends again this afternoon, we were both bored so we watched a few movies.
    They are doing an order soon, and since i liked them sooo much im adding to their order and getting a pack of the next size up for myself
    Hehe nothing like a sample before you buy!

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