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Thread: Giant Strollers For Adults Let Parents Test Drive Before Buying

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    This is kind of like Mario Kart Wii when there was a stroller you could drive as a small character.

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    I am in I want one it would be so much fun and would get a lot of by standers going. can I get it Super Charged.

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    They look freaky, Maybe if we were physically children again, it doesn't Look Right, a stroller 5 Times bigger than the Parents.

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    There are strollers for small severely physically disabled adults.

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    That looks interesting to say the least I have never seen a stroller that big before. I would like to ride around in it if there nobody could see or watch me in it.

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    You beat me to the post, but yeah, interesting.

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    I'd love a ride in that!

    Imagine if these were the future of road travel! Cars would be banned and everyone would zip around in their own self-driving buggy (just like the one in article)! How cool would that be?! :-D

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