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Thread: I am bored.

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    Cool I am bored.

    I know, I know only boring people are bored.

    I stuck at work Whops in mean School and I got 7 Hours before home time.

    I looking for mischief that I can get up to but not be in trouble over.

    When have nuthing to do and you won’t to get up to something fun. What sort of games do you play.

    Hay Ho


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    I have this Problem all the Time, with my Dream Job, working in a nursery, i get to Play toys with the children but also Taking Care Or "helping" the "aunties" so i wont be bored. But College is no Place for a Little, so fun Things have to be there. Shame they don't have toys while you wait for others to arrive Or if you have finished your work.

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    At home, I get bored and then I either play on the computer or sit and play the piano. I try to do something constructive. Sometimes I'll clean and vacuum the house, but that's never fun. It just feels good when it's done and everything looks nice.

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