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Thread: How should I blow my tax return?

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    Default How should I blow my tax return?

    As i have just got my tax return in, Im giving a one hundred dollar budget. I have three ideas and wanted some insight, or even a better way to spend the cash. On average I where once a week

    Plan 1.

    1. Northshore supreme pack of 20 ($20)
    1. On pack of ABU Space ($35)
    1. A onsie($30)
    =24 diapers
    Leaving 15 dollars over

    Plan 2

    1. Case of Abena m4
    2. One Pack of Abu Space
    =52 diapers
    Leaving 5 dollars left over.

    Plan 3
    1. A 40 pack of abu space
    =40 diapers
    leaving 10 left over

    Decisions, decisions.

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    I wish I could spend my return on diapers. I'd be set for a long time 😕

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    Buying more at a time is always a better deal on diapers, so you're wasing a little of your money by trying to divide it up and buy individual bags, so I'd avoid that as a first consideration.

    Think about do you want (1) something consumable that you enjoy a lot, or (2) something that will last a longer time?

    I'd consider a yearly thing like a tax return to be more for consumable than durable use. So I'd go with the half case of space. Actually, no, I'd get little pawz. You still take a little hit in getting less than a case but it's not quite as bad.

    If you're going for something that will linger a bit more, go with the onesie option. Though maybe just get two different things from abu instead of splitting it between suppliers, save on cost maybe?

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    Just a thought, but I'd consider not blowing it... a little savings even if for "just in case" is always a good idea.

    On a related tangent, although in your case your return isn't much. If you're getting a tax return it is because you've given too much in taxes over the coarse of the year to the federal or state government. You've basicly given them an interest free loan all year, and they're paying it back.

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    Its a small amount of my return, thats why i set a a budget on how much of it i want to spend for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    Its a small amount of my return, thats why i set a a budget on how much of it i want to spend for fun.
    if you decide you have a little wiggle room, case of little pawz would be my call. 15% more padding for your money than by the half case.

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    I'm getting a huge tax return soon, bought some diapers and ordered a custom laptop as well

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    I would save it. Unless you want to send it to Detroit like Lansing wants you to do with all of your money fellow Michigander. Seems that Lansing wants all of our money for Detroit sad to say.

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    I feel obligated to point out that tax returns aren't "free money", they're just money you loaned to the government to sit on for a few months and collect interest on, and then hand back to you minus the interest. It's not a gift, and you don't have to spend it right away - it was a loan that's being returned to you. If you loaned a friend $20 last year, and they are just returning it to you now, you stick it in your wallet for later, right? You don't immediately drive to the store and look for something to spend it on like a gift card that's about to expire.

    If you don't have a savings account right now or there's nothing in it, that'd be a really excellent place to put it while you think about what to do with it. Let the "money burning a hole in your pocket" cool down a bit and spend it more wisely a little later, it's not going to disappear if you don't spend it right away.

    I'm only saying this because there's a lot of people that quite frankly are terrible at managing their money, and just can't wait to spend that tax return on something (anything!) as soon as they get it. And that attitude is why they're always broke. And I hate to see people go through life like that.

    The OP sounds like he's carving off a chunk to spend and going to hang onto the rest, and I think that's a smart way to go. Get yourself something as a reward for having saved the money up in the first place (even if someone else was holding it!) and set the rest aside, at least for awhile. So the above is more for the others reading this and salivating at the idea of what to blow their return on this year.

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    Decided on getting a half case of ABU....Know to decide on the Space or little paws.......

    - - - Updated - - -

    I understand that, and like I posted before its a small amount of my return that I am spending.

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