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Thread: Pick Six!

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    Default Pick Six!

    Before I crawled outa bed this morning I had an interesting thought... what would I send myself in the past to floor myself on having premium diapers and getting started with "the good stuff".

    So, something to have fun thinking about: imagine someone showed up today and offered you the chance to send yourself a case of diapers... that's a six bag mixed case of anything currently available in any combination, back to yourself 3, 5, 10 years ago, whatever you choose. They assure you that the case will just show up in your bedroom one morning, and you'll have at least the next two weeks to enjoy them - family and housemates gone on vacation, no work, no school. Spend the time any way you'd like, with no stress about hiding your stash or getting caught while wearing at home - just enjoy wearing your diapers.

    So...... pick six!

    I was thinking on that and I would probably have a top ilst of maybe 8-10 kinds that I could imagine. But that's good, six forces me to choose the ones I like the very most.

    OK, after you've picked your six, on to part 2. As an added bonus, they're also going to guarantee that on that first morning when the case appears, you'll be waking up fully rested, but find yourself wearing one of the diapers from the case, and will have moderately wet it while you slept.

    So..... pick!

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    This is actually a brilliant idea o_O.

    Would be VERY interesting if Jeremy from DiaperConn could chance by and read this. It sounds quite doable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan09 View Post
    This is actually a brilliant idea o_O.
    Would be VERY interesting if Jeremy from DiaperConn could chance by and read this. It sounds quite doable!
    I think he said the Flux Capacitors were on backorder. But barring that, you can already get a mixed case from ABU, just send a contact message on their web site describing what you want, and then they'll have you just order a regular case, and swap out what you want. Limited to what ABU carries of course, which is where DC would come in since they stock a slightly wider variety. Would be nice to see them carry ABU.

    Both of them need to offer "build your own case" options on their web site. Just hire a skilled web monkey and have them work on your cart. It's not that difficult to code.

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    1. Kolibri Comslip (white plastic backed ones)
    2. SDK v2s
    3. Cushies v2s
    4. MyDiaper Nighttime White
    5. MyDiaper Nighttime Printed
    6. ABU Simple

    Yep hard to limit it to only 6 and for sure I would have to wake up in one of those beautiful Kolibris.... You really know your diapered in those.

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    If that happened to me I would be calling th doctors office concerned with mental health followed by sleep walking and bed wetting lol

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    For me, the old Attends were the breakthrough moment. Everything that has come since, while better, is just icing on that cake. To be more than just a curiosity, I'd have to get my diapers sent back before I found Attends.

    Under those conditions, I'd go with:
    1. ABU Simple
    2. ABU Cushies
    3. Bambino Teddies
    4. Northshore Care Supreme Lite
    5. Tykables Overnight
    6. Fabine Black

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    1. ABU Space
    2. Abena M4
    3. Fabine Black
    4. Bambino Bellisimo
    5. Northshore Supreme
    6. DC Amor

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    1. Bambino Classico
    2. Bambino Bellisimo
    3. Rearz Safari
    4. ABU SDK V2
    5. ABU Cushies
    6. Tykables

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    Hmmmm that's hard to choose.
    My choosing would be in this order:
    1.Cushies V2
    3.SDK V2
    4.Bambinos Bellisimo
    6.Mydiaper printed

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    1 Space
    2 Aww So Cute
    3 Safari
    4 Pink Princess
    5 Bellisimo
    6 A Classico with the winning Power Ball numbers for the last 10 years written on it.

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