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    It's been a while since I e posted last and wanted to keep you all updated. I always appreciate your comments and word of wisdom.

    As some of you may know I have anxiety issues and been issued medication to control it. I despise taking medication and in the midst of wearing 24/7 for fun, I started losing control to learn its related to my anxiety. When I'm on meds, I have control, but I'm a zombie. My wife and I decided no to medication and rather use diapers. I've been wearing 24/7 since December and actually having to wear diapers due to the anxiety since February.

    We decided to tell my family that I'm wearing diapers and why. My mom supports me not taking medication and sticking with diapers because she too has anxiety issues and needs medication. Since I haven't had any anxiety attack since I've been on diapers she says it's a healthier way.

    My dad thinks I should take the medication but understands. My brother and sister are both in the medical field and feel medication is the best solution as it can be temporary.

    Everyone knows I hate taking medication. I hardly take anything for headaches or allergies let alone for anxiety.

    Anyone have similar situations?

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    I have severe anxiety also, I've never taken meds for it, but have taken meds for depression in the past and hated how it made me feel. I've considered anti anxiety meds but no insurance and cant afford it. I do feel diapers have helped me quite a bit, but I wouldn't say its completely gotten rid of my anxiety. I don't wear 24/7 because i don't feel comfortable wearing to work. but I do wear 90% of the time i'm home and out and about.

    On another note. I'm glad your family took its fairly well. Only person I've told is my mom. Idk how the rest of my family would react to it. but know about half of them it would not be good.

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    I think you made the right decision. I don't like taking meds myself especially if they make me a zombie. I have mild depression and the meds for that scared me. I settled for a supplement that seems to help.

    Glad you told your family also and glad they support you.

    Best wishes and hope this anxiety problem clears up

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    The only way I generally would take meds is if the alternative is worse. In other words, if I feel fine and can deal with the problem without the meds, then I believe that is the best solution. If the problem is causing issues that I am having a hard time dealing with, and the meds don't cause anything more drastic but does improve the problem, then I feel the meds are the appropriate choice.

    Obviously I would also get doctors advice and such and help me weigh the difference of not taking the meds and taking the meds.

    A good example is my bed wetting problem. I used to take meds, and while it worked sometimes it wasn't a for sure thing. So regardless I still wet the bed now and then. The meds would make my mouth dry and even make me feel like crap, and I also couldn't even go out with friends to have a drink without getting wasted. Could pretty much only drink a fraction of what I normally could without the meds.

    I eventually decided the negatives of the meds out weighed the positives.

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    I avoid medications unless necessary. I'm loathe to go on a regiment, but my body has other plans. A hiatal hernea makes for nonstop reflux, and after some time I found that 1/2 of a prevacid a day completely ends the symptoms. (1 a day leads to soft serve stool ALL the time) The packaging (and the doctors) refer to it as a "treatment that shoudl fix the problem", but for me at least, that's clearly not the case. I've tried stopping them and have bad heartburn resuming 1-2 days later, regardless of how long or how much prevacid I had been taking. So I guess it's a permanent thing for me now until they come up with some med that can actually fix me or I decide to go under the knife. (NOT a fan of surgery)

    Getting the dosage juuust right is important if you're going to be on it for any length of time. That's why the doctors keep tabs on you, only give small prescriptions, and require you to come back and talk with them before getting a refill, to see if they need to adjust your dosage or maybe try something else. They also are trying to use the least amount necessary, to reduce symptoms. You're either getting too much, or need to be on something different. But honestly, if youv'e found a NON medicated way to deal with the problem, and you're OK with it, NOBODY should be pushing you to get back on the medication. Not family, not doctors. I would personally have very little confidence in a doctor that recommended a medication over a reasonable lifestyle change - that's what they're supposed to do - fix the problem directly or with a lifestyle change, not make you permanently dependent on drugs. (time for a new doctor?)

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    I cant speak for the wearing 24/7 to deal with issues as I have no experience with it, but if it works for you then that's always a positive.

    Ive had reflux issues pretty much since high school myself as well as depression. For the reflux, it got so bad that my symptoms were mimicking heart attacks because my esophagus became so inflamed that meds became the only viable option to keep things in check. In recent months I have slowly taken my dosage down as they cause other issues which were more hassle to deal with then the reflux itself. For the depression; I was given the option of meds, but I have seen what they do first hand as my mother deals with the same issue so I decided against them and actually saw a psychiatrist which worked for me. I agree with the zombie description when on the meds. Its very close to exact honestly.

    Bottom line imo is everyone's body reacts differently to everything and only you can tell if it helps you or hinders you. If I had a choice I would not take the reflux meds, but that doesn't work for me. If you feel comfortable with yourself and its not causing any adverse effects by not taking the meds then bring it on I say. Opinions are a dime a dozen, but if your life is more positive and the issues are controllable with how you're choosing to deal then its win-win.
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    I would think that as long as you're feeling well without the medications, then don't take them. If things change then you can re-address the medication issue.

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    You like diapers and don't like medication that might hurt you long term. The choice would be simple for me if I were in your shoes.
    Edit: meaning diapers are way safer, outside of diaper rash haha.

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