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Thread: Being little and hugs

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    Default Being little and hugs

    So I've noticed when I get more into my little head space I want alot more hugs and just to be around my plushies to hug them.

    Is it just me or do lots of other littles like hugs from their mommys/daddys/plushies/Significant others

    Also how's everyone this evening

    Bonus question: What is your favorite little snack and little dinner to have

    My snack is Cheese and crackers

    My dinner is bite sized noms like hot dogs cut up to little circles so I can grab them more easy!

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    I cuddle with my plushies all the time. When I'm watching something on TV or Youtube I like to have my Cubone nearby (in fact, I have him with me now), and when I sleep I always cuddle up with my Pikachu and one of my Yoshies.

    As far as food goes I like to snack on cheese and crackers with some frostburg bologna, and my favorite little dinner fish and macaroni.

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    Ho yes.

    Do you know what happened to me yesterday.

    I had a day off from School as I have to do all day Saturday. So I when Paddy came home I won't a hug. And he told me to wait to after his finished checking his Facebook account. I HAT TO WAIT. Waiting isn't something us Littles do.

    But I did get a hug when dinner was ready.

    I hug Peter my Rabbit and Rex my Dogie in bed.

    I think you find that most of us like hugs.

    Food I like pasta shapes for kids. On toast. If I can I upload a photo.

    Hope you have lot of fun to day.


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    The last time someone took me in her arms, it was my aunt and I was 10.
    I miss it a lot and sometimes I feel depressed about that. It seems there is like a hole in me
    I dream that an adoptive mommy take me in her arms and say: "Now everything will be ok my Baby Boy".

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    its human nature to want to cuddle and be held. There have actually been studies done that prove that humans need physical touch and interaction. It makes sense that touching a stuffed animal would make you feel safe and comfortable. I hold my blankie so hes pretty much on my whole torso and face and lay with it that way to get him close as possible for me. The bonus snack question would be vanilla fingers so you can open them and eat the frosting inside.

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    Hugging my teddy bears and my dolly friends help me feel safe and loved.
    When feeling stressed, I hug them close to my heart.

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