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Thread: My Urodynamic test

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    Default My Urodynamic test

    Complaints of urgency and nocturnal enuresis.

    Test sucks because of the catheters (I find them painful), but I made it through with some deep breaths. If you are not incontinent the test may be a problem...they have electrodes and pressure sensors in the bladder and anus with others on the leg and butt cheeks. They likely could tell if you push or fake it.

    Repeated the test twice. Aced it. Not too difficult when you experience actual leakage (daytime and nighttime) and been wearing diapers 24/7 for a long time. Diapers have probably contributed to my weakened bladder/detrusetor, but it beats wetting myself with no protection.

    My bladder has normal capacity (Drained 460 ml, post void res 40 ml = 500 ml, and I guess I could probably hold another 100 before burst), but ejects contents urgently and fully upon first recognized bladder filling signal, somewhere usually between 250-400ml. I unfortunately did not get a copy of the printout, but may be able get that through med sec.

    Analysis doctor indicated using a med to relax the bladder to increase storage and/or a med to reduce the amount of urine produced at night time. I already tried oxybutinin and flowmax with no indication of improvement. I am not inclined to med up and diapers work just fine for me.

    When I got home, my girlfriend was just leaving for work. I told her about the test and all. I said, I had to go through all that just to have them tell me what I already knew. She replied...that you have incontinence issues. Yes. She is tolerant but frustrated.

    I wear diapers 24/7 and regularly find myself wet at work, at home, and usually wake up with a wet diaper. My girlfriend does not participate (I have never asked her to), but is fine with me wearing diapers; Better than wet pants or a wet bed.

    I have a follow up appointment in a couple weeks. I am to return a bladder diary with minimum of three 24 hour periods.
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    I guess these tests are like what old fashioned mechanics did before cars had electronic diagnosis sensors and systems. We don't have a plug in diagnostic system so like the garage man you test all the possible causes knowing that most of the time you won't get the right answer first time round-but sometimes you do and so it is worth undergoing these uncomfortable invasive tests because unless you rule things out they may not get an answer or pick up on other things that might need attention.

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    They don't have pressure sensors in the bladder. They have electrodes on the muscles that affect the bladder. Yes they do put one in your butt.
    Plenty of people have fooled the system and continue to do so. Some people fool the system because of the discomfort of the catheter.
    I could not get mine done because of the pain involved with inserting a catheter. The Dr changed to the smallest catheter that could be used with the test and I still couldn't do it.

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    I remember my urodynamics test pretty well I had to lie on the bed because I cant stand and the probe up your bum isn't nice but the catheter was more eye wincing but was fine once in and was slightly painful coming out and thank god for inco sheets because during part of the tests the Dr said stop and I just couldn't. also weird sensation being filled up, Funy moment was I thought the Dr said scream but actually said screen and the nurse and radiographer asked me if i was ok because I screamed

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    I have had all the lovely intrusive bladder tests done a few years back in an attempt to diagnose my incontinence problems. It wasn't fun I can tell you. At least now I just see a urologist once a year and a continence nurse every six months or so. The last few times just for a brief chat and make sure I am coping all right.

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    So I got the urodynamic study results and doctors notes from the medical secretary.

    Study results:
    Electromyography study diagnoses = urge incontinence
    Cystometrogram study diagnoses = urge incontinence
    Complex uroflowmetry diagnoses = urge incontinence

    Doctors notes (abbreviated):

    A multi-channel videourodynamics study was performed
    Detrusor overactivity and detrusor leak occurrred
    Patient had sudden urge, unable to suppress urge to void, bladder contraction and leak

    Summary: Normal capacity, delayed sensation, no obstruction, urge urinary incontinence
    Primary encounter diagnosis = nocturia, urge incontinence

    This I already knew, but studies were requested by the doctor to be sure. The paperwork also helped my girlfriend (and eventually family) grasp that this is real and now documented.
    I wear diapers 24/7 to keep my pants and bed dry.
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    So I had my follow up appointment today. My girlfriend wanted to go, and she did. Although I was nervous, it was a good thing she went as it made her more comfortable with the situation.
    The doctor indicated that the test went fine and medication is not recommended. I don't have good sensation and do not get normal bladder sensation at 200-300 ml. apparently like most folks. I tend to fill to 400+ unnoticed and urgently release. My key to reduce wetting accidents will be timed voiding (2 hour schedule), bodily fluid balance, leg edema (swelling) control, and diabetic control. At nighttime, the doctor indicated he hoped for me to get up 2x to void (my complaint was 2-3 times per night). For me, diapers reduce my anxiety over sudden wetting accidents and are likely in my future for discrete confidence and protection from public embarrassment.

    What really shocked me was that we were talking about my wetting and she said something like, "I asked him to wear something to help control it" (a clear reference to my diapers, although I never recall her asking me to wear). Use of diapers was not discussed further than that during the doctors appointment.
    I am hoping that with the more info she will feel more comfortable with the situation.
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    I had much the same diagnosis, but they said I had delayed sensation and filled up to 1200mL! (Or was it 1400?). At that point my bladder spasmed and let out about 400mL. I only felt a slight urge before that. I'd never had a catheter before that point, and after having it done 3 times in an hour without any anesthetic, I never want to do that again, haha.

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    I'm kinda lucky I don't have to see a urologist anymore and haven't seen one for about 8 years, did try the drugs but most didn't work that well and the one that did made me feel unwell the urologist did say I might have to use a catheter one day but the thought feels me with dread slightly. I'm OAB as well or I think they call it hyper reflexic bladder. Sometimes it's really annoying because when you have 3 wee's in a hour

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    Haven't gone through the electrode test but doc wanted a cystoscopy what ever that is. Been trying to hold off on it lol

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