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    So far this is a great diaper. I'm incontinent and it has been holding up well. The only thing that bugs me is that the stuffing does not go all the way up the back of the diaper.

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    about 1/2 of the larger size adult diapers do that. They make little (or sometimes even NO) change to the actual area of the padding, and just make the wings wider and shell longer. From a functional point of view I wonder if it's even necessary though - taller people don't make more urine, and their output is in the same place. So just practically speaking, does it really matter? Can definitely be uncomfortable or look/feel weird though!

    I personally have issues spending a long time in a diaper that has no rear waistband elastic (corrugation usually, not actual elastic) that have seeral inches of "dead plastic" in the back. Smothers my skin, makes it sweat and itch. Can get bad overnigh too. For overnight, I usually reach back and scrunch down the top few inches into an area maybe 1/2 the height, to break up the coverage a little and get a little more air to my skin. Even diapers with rear elastic somtimes need that treatment.

    FWIW, Confidry are close to that way. It's almost impossible to tell a medium from a large without unfolding it. The large are maaaaybe 1/4" longer when folded, and weigh almost the exact same amount. The large simply add four inches in width and length, creating an aditional 2" of dead plastic in the front and back.

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    The one reason is that I sometimes go #2 in my sleep when I have diarrhea. That extra padding can mean the difference between washing the sheets or not.

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