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    Anyone playing WOT? I really enjoy it on Xbox and would love to play with others. None of my friends play it though. If you do play, do you have a favorite tank, load out, tank class, or map? I really like heavies and TD's. I think my favorite is the Sherman Jumbo though, dunno why. I just always have an enjoyable game with that one.
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    Well darn. I was really hoping others played this game.

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    I tried WoT, but I prefer War Thunder. It includes both airplanes and tanks. It looks way better IMO and feels better to play and more realistic.

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    I don't have a PC to play on so I'm stuck with WoT on Xbox One and Birds of Steel on 360. Man! I sure wish others played this game. Sadface.

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    I Don't know if it would be a good idea...I try to find a new beginning after a 8 month break, but I get upset pretty quickly and when it comes to play with people I don't know, I usually avoid playing with them right away...just too shy.

    Still searching for platoon mates which could teach me to improve my games...and I don't usually play with people who like suiciding - you know...I want to win....

    I play on PC(EU servers), do you have any expectations from platooning and how do you guys deal with bad team mates/loosing all day long?

    Kind regards,

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    Honestly, I am always trying to be a teammate. I like to support others and constantly watch the maps and team deployment. Unfortunately, this usually leads to me trying to reenforce two tanks trying to hold an entire side of the map when everyone lemmings the other way. I like working with others, and don't really mind losing if I've been able to do my part. I can get pretty frustrating if you're on one of those streaks where everything seems to go against you, but it's just a game. I just try to enjoy it.

    I really love it when I have either a great gun, or great armor, and am able to pin down an entire enemy push. I love suppressing the rush and tangling them up, especially when teammates realize it and flank while I keep them occupied. I don't even care if I get any kills. I like the teamwork. I've never suicided (well, not on purpose anyway), and have no idea why people do it.

    If I can EVER find someone that would platoon with me, my expectations are few but specific. I want to have fun, and I want to learn. That's it!

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    The thing which I don't understand is why people just want to die for whatever reason...I'm not a pro, but especially when I'm top tier I can do very well, but I need time.

    When it's possible for me to even the teams again 7:10 -> 10:10 usually my team mates decide to do something stupid and destroy any chance to win because within 10sec. It's 10:13 again (somehow happens a lot).

    Another thing which upsets me the most is that they don't listen, you tell them exactly what to do to still win the battle and the only thing you get is 'stfu noob' or something else like that.

    I guess you have experienced losses yourself due to people who think no cap kill all would be a good idea in a 3v5...

    Hope this wasn't too much whining from my side.


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    I recently tried this again after watching Girls Und Panzer Der Film,but didn't have any more luck getting into it on my second attempt.

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    Especially during summer this game can be very unforgiving, I even think today you get very much 'rerolls' (new accounts made by experienced players) which can really destroy your game if you're completely new.

    If you try it together with one or two friends it should be more enjoyable anyways.

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SabuInu View Post
    ...I even think today you get very much 'rerolls' (new accounts made by experienced players)...
    People do this? I could never do that myself, I have so much time invested in my garage and crews. I really should focus on one tree, tank, and crew at a time but I can't. I keep playing all sorts of vehicles and nations. Unfortunately this really can slow down the growth in a line. I only just got my first tier 9 (E75) a few weeks ago. But I have four other tanks ready to tier up to 9 as soon as I can make all the money I need.

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