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Thread: Why did P&G offload attends

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    Default Why did P&G offload attends

    Sorry if this has been done before but I want to know why Proctor & Gamble sold attends years ago because from how I look at it, it doesn't make any sense they own Pampers one of if not the biggest brand of diapers/nappies available and had they thought about it they could of had one of the best adult diaper/nappy brands as well because surely they could have used synergies between the brands and created brilliant products and there may have been a adult equivalent to the easy up pants by now. I know that most adults wouldn't want the diapers/ nappies that they have to wear to be associated with baby diapers/nappies in the first place but surely they could have said if we can keep your baby secure imagine how secure you will be etc

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    Quite simply because PG is a huge company with an almost endless range of products. They intend to sell products on store shelves back in the day before Internet shipping took off (1999). To have store shelf space, companies have to pay retailers for that space. When it comes to incontinence products, they take up a lot of space. Stores also tend to keep certain supply for different products at a certain level.

    One of the major reasons is that incontinence products isn't a product that is bought for every household. P&G intend to sell products that are necessities or common. Just take a look at their product line and compare it to Kimberly Clark.

    Kimberly Clark is a paper/tissue company. They make things out of wood. You won't find much outside of this.

    P&G sells things from soap, diapers, to deodorant.

    Basically what P&G thought out was that the incontinence market isn't big enough to market it. Although they kept feminine hygiene products because it's a major household item unlike incontinence products. They sold the Attend brand because they want a lot of money. They want to be everywhere, not only in >10% of homes.

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    At the time they sold the division, P&G didn't really see Attends as a consumer brand which was their focus. It was a healthcare-targeted product (they had pulled the product from most consumer channels at that point). While the operation was profitable at the time, they felt it detracted from their core and while they could, they wanted to get money from the sale. Paper Pak (who bought Attends) was already entrenched in the healthcare disposable market which this seemed to fit at the time.

    Things have changed in the 17 years since. Adult diapers are now very much a consumer product. Kimberly-Clark (Depend/Poise) has done some very aggressive marketing on this of late. P&G pretty much backed into it expanding from their feminine hygene line into Always and now likely is likely to expand as the market allows.

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