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Thread: Back from hospital!

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    Default Back from hospital!


    I've been outa action for another layup in the hospital!

    And thanks to all who sent emails...

    Anyhow, long story short...Broke a vertebra in what appears to have been a fall on stairs at I don't remember and no one was exactly with me...

    One on my studio clients was doing some tracking in my studio found me unconscious on the main floor...and called for an ambulance...

    Anyhow, after surgery and MRSA (staph) in the hospital and getting into my spine...took long time to get the incisions to heal...I'm still in a halo brace and have full time LPN's at home...Expensive but couldn't stand another day in rehab center...and in the rehab center couldn't walk much...with bad foot i cant feel and not able to look any cord/line/misc crap I seemed to trip on and hurt something...

    So, I'm back, used up another life! Not sure how many I've got left

    So, happy to be home! As of Monday that is! And back on adisc!

    Don't know if I'll ever catchup on emails! Months of unread emails and such! And months of bills and billing to do! And can't really do much till I get the damn thing off my head...supposedly 23rd is the day!


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    Holy crap, I'm glad you're doing ok....hope the rest of your recovery goes well. That's insane. good to see you back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    Holy crap, I'm glad you're doing ok....hope the rest of your recovery goes well. That's insane. good to see you back.


    I hope from now on I'm getting better...

    Can't sleep tonight, this bed is totally just as uncomfortable as the one in the hospital! I asked if I could be moved to my master suite, so hopefully about 7am when the next shift comes on I can get up there...Their will be two here then for two hours...

    I have never since being very little, had any real hospital visits, till had my car crash few years back, and now this!

    Sucks to be down and I know it's going to take awhile to get my muscles back again...lost 40lbs in the hospital, all muscle! May even have gained some fat

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    Wow, it sounds like you've really had a tough time. I hope you heal quickly and can move on. Being laid up is not fun. I've been there when I was 14. I walked in front of a car that was going 40 mph. I went back to school half a year later.

    Wishing you well.

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    Wish you well and a speedy recovery!

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