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Thread: Living the AB/DL ecommerce dream?

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    Question Living the AB/DL ecommerce dream?

    I'd like to first mention that if I'm in the wrong section, my apologies!! I'll delete on request.

    So I've been really working (well maybe not as hard as I should) to figure out how I could make it into the ab/dl market, because who wouldn't like that!? And I know what I want/need to do for the most part in order to start up, but I can't help but wonder... How do you ACTUALLY make a large scale product?

    For example, when I see ABU, Bambino, Suggies etc. coming out with new diaper designs I always think to myself, "how did they get that first diaper prototype?". I mean, I could draw up a hundred products on paper and be dang proud, but how does one proceed from there? It's not like they just a pulled a manufacturing plant out of their diapers!! Quite the opposite actually!! I might not go THAT route, but I feel it's the example that gets the point across

    Maybe it's so simple I'm overthinking it. Or maybe I'm missing my mark entirely!! All I know is.. business is on my brain and I need to go somewhere with it. And As an ab/dl I really want to increase the range of products for us. I want to be a diapered hero lol!!

    Thanks guys n gals! stay padded!!

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    Well, that is a good question that I really don't know the answer to either. I'd say, try to find out who already manufactures premium diapers (doesn't matter whether they manufacture for medical or ABDL markets) and maybe try to strike a deal with them?

    You could also try asking some of the people who are already doing it (like ABU or Bambino). Granted they may keep their sources guarded and/or might not be looking to potentially increase their competition, but it never hurts to ask and who knows, maybe they'll be more than happy to help fellow ABDL entrepreneurs out.

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    While i dont know the particulars of the ab industry I do have some idea on manufacturing in general.

    The way I see it is you have two option for making disposable diapers. One generate the capitol and invest in a manufacturing plant or two generate the capitol and outsource production.

    Without being too savy on the process involved in making diapers I would imagine its near impossible to home make them without the right machinery which I would imagine is quiet costly. I would say to buy a plant with the one goal of making diapers for the abdl crowd would be a bad investment. You will need to put up a lot of money and will only be targeting one main segment as your core business. Sure it could lead to other avenues but I say the penetration into the incontinence market would be far harder than the ab market.

    With that said I am going to give an example here of the craft beer market in ireland, something I know a bit about, well the business end anyway.

    I'm noticing over here the more stable craft brands are those who outsource brewing when they set up. So essentially instead of a beer brewing company they are a marketing company in the begining. They find brewers to make the beer for them, slap their packaging on it and sell it. Once they start to grow they then invest in a bigger premesis to house the stock and then invest in brewing equipment and start to brew their own stuff. This all happens organicly so that when the time comes for them to brew their own product they have a loyal customer base that will support them. Craft beer over here has gone from being niche to mainstream well some what so. Their are pubs now that serve exclusivly craft beer and nearly every pub has at least one or two craft lines. so its a growing market over here.

    I would imagine that sort of approach would be the best for setting up a abdl company. Start small by outsourcing something simple to a manufacturer, at the end of the day they are a business and want to make money so they wont care if its incontinents or abs using their products. Then once you have built up a solid customer base take some risks with designs and that. I say you should also figure out how you want to compete, because again the other ab companies are still businesses and will defend their turf so being a "Me too" company will end in heart ache i imagine. So figure out what you want to do, like do you want to be the high end brand, the value brand, the no frills brand or a hybrid of those.

    As regards to what the other guys did im fairly sure they used chinese manufacturers to get their diapers to market, if you check out alibaba you can find people selling stuff very similiar to abu and the rest so i would imagine that its all coming from the same factory.

    Also if you would like any advice on this sorta thing hit me up, i am always willing to help on this sort of thing

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    You two dudes... You guys know what's up lol!!! I actually was checking out alibaba last night and realized after reading an old adisc post on a similar subject and I think as you both mentioned, starting out with a product design and outsourcing would be the best option. My current idea is to market a logo, not just a product. I have some designs in mind and I would certainly be targeting AB/DL's so I feel like if I can get 1 good quality product and a few supporting products of far less startup cost to eliminate scarcity of the brand I would like to develop. If I can manage to get my foot in the door then ill consider investing in more high end products. And Mr McAwesome you will most certainly hear from me at some point. Also hilariously enough, my real last name is McCool and I always tell non-believers that it was originally McAwesome and I changed it to McCool to be more subtle lol!! So that made me smile!! Great info and advice guys. I'll check back tonight!! Later!!

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    One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the current ABDL diaper manufacturers have iterated on their design. If you look back, for example, at when bambino made changes to their diapers, there were a lot of complaints and they updated them over the course of a few runs to be a better product.

    Thus, what you need varies. The more technical expertise you have (and diaper designs are, in fact, an area of technical expertise in fluid dynamics and materials science), the more you can innovate in materials and design. The less technical expertise you have, the more you need to rely on someone else making a basic product on which you can iterate within your skillset.

    The more artistic expertise you have, the more you can try to create a unique and appealing design that will cause people to want to buy your product for its aesthetic appeal. The less artistic expertise you have, the more you need to rely on either paying others for their designs or making a basic product that isn't too decorated.

    The more marketing experience you have, the more you can raise awareness and potentially generate excitement for a successful product (especially if it has some quality backing it up). The less market expertise you have, the more you'll need outside help or have to wing it as far as the best way to get people to know you exist.

    The more legal expertise you have, the more easily you can protect your designs and set up a company, while the less you have, the more you'll need outside assistance to secure protection for your works.

    And so on. Capital (i.e. money) can replace expertise because you can hire people who know a particular skill set to assist you.

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