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Thread: working at Tescos

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    Cool working at Tescos


    I thought this was funny. Paddy said that I should work for Tescos, becouse Evey little help!

    Hee, hee

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    Wow, That probably aired when I wore baby nappies! XD

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    Wow blast from the past their. That brings me right back. I don't think we had tescos over here when that came out. I remember when we got sky first and seeing all the ads used to make me so jealous that we had nothing like that in Ireland. Supermarkets have a weird place in my heart. Whenever I go on holidays I love to go to super markets. In my head you cant experience a country without seeing what it's people do, and super markets to me is kind of the hub of culture. Not that super markets are these cultural things, but like everyone needs to go to a super market wether your down to your last penny or incredibly wealthy we all need to go to the super market. And every country has it's own customs and you really get a feel for that in the super market. It does my girl's head in cos when ever we travel she likes to go to all the cultural things, dont get me wrong i love that too. But whenever she asks what I want to do on holiday go to the super market is always top of the list...... Haha I'm such an odd ball XD

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