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Thread: Goodnites launches "softer" boxers

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    Default Goodnites launches "softer" boxers

    See the main page for more info. Anyone see these in stores?

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    I don't think you can even get any sort of boxer-style GN's in Australia. I just hope these retain the plastic-backed covering on the diaper itself I heard about.

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    Screw the boxer style. Such a bad, bad idea, IMO.

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    Boxers...I've seen these in stores, and they look horrible...Horrible idea.

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    I got a sample of one for free on their site, absolute junk, loud. even the construction screams diaper so you're not gonna wear it alone, and its not very comfortable and doesnt fit as wide a range as the pull up kind. Also the glued seems on the outer cover are gonna tear apart so someone would end up seeing the inside which is essentially the absorbant core of a regular goodnite, with no cloth over or prints, and just a waistband on it. Looks like a belted shield or something. Only thing it'd be good for is a crinkly, plasticy soaker without the cover or waistband. Oh and once its wet the swell is totally obvious through the boxer outside. Only thing half way discreet about it was the box is shipped in, white, K&C, and "free sample you requested". While P&G decked out their envelope even more than the UJ's real package. Course keep in mind I don't care about secrecy but I'm just giving an honest review of rubbish.

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    yeah, they have a lot of work ahead of them if they plan on improving the boxers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Boxers...I've seen these in stores, and they look horrible...Horrible idea.
    Brilliant idea. Kids that are actually self conscious about bedwetting would definitely prefer something like this over the "underpants style" IMO. Also, they are another revenue stream for KC allowing them to give less product for more money, as I believe that they are more expensive or the same amount as a similar pack of regular goodnites, only you get less of them in a package.

    They also are pretty absorbent and do swell quite a bit when you put them on.

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    Umm... the way that a good idea is measured is not on what we, a minority of diaper users think. It is measured in $, , € and whatever other currency the company gets for it. We are not the target audience, though I imagine that diaper companies are aware of us. The target audience of Goodnites are infact (and this may suprise you) the bedwetters who use them. And if they like them then the currency roling in will more than cover the currency they don't get from us.

    Unless a diaper company specialises in *BDL products, then we are not the audience. We are a consideration on the side.

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    I, for one, have no interest in wearing boxers. >.>

    But no, I am not the target audience. They seem to have done away with the pink "sleep pants," though, which is good, because they made no sense.

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    I would never wear them, but hey, I'm a DL who wears out of enjoyment, not a bedwetter who wears out of necessity. You can never know unless you've been on both sides of the fence.

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