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Thread: Another chance I just noticed about my self

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    Cool Another chance I just noticed about my self


    As you know, or may not the more you embrace toddler toddlism, you go through some changes. Things like the need for a pacifier being I think the most common.

    I just realised I actually prefer strawberry milk to Tea and being an English baby that has been brought up on cups of tea, that quite a Discovery for me.

    How have your tastes changed for you?

    Hee, hee.

    Have fun.


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    Well the more i embrace myself, i have found just falling apart and crying sometimes so bad i have had tears, the need to stick stuff in my mouth, and for some reason i have been craving chocolate milk. I also been craving bottles of formula at night be4 bed. Huggles if i think of anything else ill post

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    As for me, I tend to want to drink more milk, strawberry, chocolate, or white with cookies. I find myself not wanting to put any clothes on other than my diaper and shirt when I am at home, and yes at times I do crave for a paci. I don't care much about watching T.V. or doing grown up work and or even being on the computer as much when I feel this way. I just want to lay/sit in bed and soak my diapers till they leak.

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