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Thread: spoted another little in town.

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    Cool spoted another little in town.

    Hi everyone.

    Just sharing something I saw in town this morning.

    I was in town this morning and I was on the hunt for some coloured bubble bath. Being told you can get hold of gold bubble bath that Sparkles and your skin feels great afterwards.

    Was not able to find any though, but I use this as an excuse to visit my local toy shop. Just to see what they got. They have there toy figurines very neatly laid out, far to neatly, and all the farm animals are keeped far away from the dragons and dinosaurs. One of there dragions was looking quite hungry so I found one of there pigs and put it in the dragions mouth.

    All pleased with my self for feeding there dragion I stood back to see if anyone would notice. But no one did.

    And way on my way back to the car and thinking what other mischief to get up to, I saw someone who I think may be in there mid twenties walking in to town holding there Teddy. They where with some one which looked like there CG or P-Dom.

    So wanted to say hi to another Little as I admired him for been confident enough to take his Teddy in to town with him and I was so jealous that they feel free to do so. Not caring what other people may think.

    And no one was paying that much attention anyway.

    I wear my nappy in public but it under my shorts and no one seem to notice or care. But this was not hiding his identity at all. Which was great.

    Would of loved to of said hi to him but did not get the chance.

    So how much of a Little have you been in public?
    Could you walk into town with your soft toy? With a this is who I am so deal with it kind of attitude?

    I so want to do this go into town. Sucking a Pacifier and cuddling Peter my toy rabit.

    Told LittleBelle about it so we might do it the next time we get together.

    Hee, hee what fun.


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    sounds exciting.

    I've had a plushie hanging out of my backpack last summer when going through Birmingham airport.

    when on the plane I had 2 Ty dragons out sitting on the tray.

    while in Italy I had my plushie hanging out of my backpack, even carrying the plushie sometimes.

    however, I wouldn’t do this in my home city because I would be too nervous.

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