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Thread: Being an adult sucks

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    Default Being an adult sucks

    Toddler vs adult, for some reason toddler wins for me every time. Being an adult you have to buy bills, deal with other people who don't give a [email protected]#$ about you. This is only the top of this list. I hate being an adult. I don't see anything good about it. I might be romancing toddlerhood because I never really had my time. As a toddler as was lets alone 90% of the time. I remember times when my parents forgot to feed me. Even at daycare I was ignored. My babysitter was imaginary. Most days all I want is a hug and a cuddle. I needed to get that off my chest.

    Now to help lighten this up a little bit. What do you hate about being an adult, and what do you love about being AB?
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    I don't much like being an adult either. I'd rather have the privileges of being a toddler than the rights of being an adult. Forget stuff like voting and driving, I'd much rather be able to walk around in public with a stuffed animal in my hands and a pacifier in my mouth.

    Adult life is too full of worries and responsibilities. I'm sure we do romanticize it, but compared to adult life toddlerhood is carefree - all about fun and living in the moment.

    Being ab lets me keep my innocence in a way. I'm not going to put away my plushies and toss out my pacifiers because the world says I'm an adult and those aren't adult things. I'm going to stay the child I am inside and do what makes me happy.
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    I can't think of any pros to being an adult, I hate having things that have to be done to live like working, cooking and cleaning. I hate having to plan things like vacations, I hate shopping the list could go on and on. I love the structure of being a kid, Yummy food was on the table without having to make it myself, there was someone there to tell me to go outside and play, take a bath (and run it for me), what isn't good for me and when to go to bed. I love toys and cartoons and just playing in general.
    Toys and imagination rule life! I try to keep my "adulting" to as minimum of a time as I can and still have life work but it's really hard to engulf yourself in little space when you have to go to work and deal with finances all day.

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    The only time I like being an adult is when I get money from my job, so I can come home and relax, or pay for my baby stuff, also seeing friends

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    I love being an adult who can choose to be a little. As an adult I can do whatever I want, buy whatever stuff I like - awesome!!

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    Let's see. Work, bills, no-one to care for me like a child. That's about it.

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    I don't like being an adult because I just don't get the love/affection from anyone, having people hate you for being you, bills depression, harder to make friends are things I don't like about being a adult.

    Now being an AB/DL I get a plushie to hug every night I has a paci to suckle and padding to zone out with for a while, plus an advantage of having a daddy who makes you feel little like nothing matters anymore, gives you confidence and happy tummy feelings. Depending on the situation you get treated like a kid and it's awesome.

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    I generally miss not caring about things nor having to be responsible about things.

    To be honest it's not really the money or bills or having to work or any of that kind of stuff.. I've never really had a big problem with any of that. It's stuff like worrying about what I eat or and having to deal with friends going through harsh breakups or family losing their jobs/etc. I miss being excluded from the kind of adult problems going on all the time (and being able to eat Doritos by the family sized bag).

    Given the choice I still prefer to be an adult, but I definitely wish I didn't have to be sometimes.

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    Yes, I agree that the adult world is not nice.
    I am happier in young child mode.
    But I have to live in the adult world.
    Simply too many adult responsibilities to ignore.
    Even though I have been feeling physically ill since Wednesday, the adult world responsibilities simply can not be ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia View Post
    I love being an adult who can choose to be a little. As an adult I can do whatever I want, buy whatever stuff I like - awesome!!
    This is what I was thinking. I had a relatively good childhood, that is when I wasn't getting beat up by a bigger kid, or sexually molested, also by a bigger kid. But most of the time, I had fun with a friend.

    But there are things I enjoy doing as an adult. Now that I'm mostly retired, I don't have to worry about job performance and having to kiss ass just to stay employed. I love making music, my part time job as a music director, and driving my Honda Pilot. I like getting out on my bike and getting some fresh air, when it's not raining.

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