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Thread: Extreme leftist liberal required to be gay?

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    Default Extreme leftist liberal required to be gay?

    I don't seem to understand this everytime I get into a debate about anything political people always assume I'm a left wing liberal because I'm gay. Then I show support for something that is considered leaning more conservative I'm told to stop pretending to be gay and why do I have to be such a "closeted homophobic racist". This is why I hate political labeling of groups. The ones considered racist are not conservitive in general it's more the right wing tea party (which is a branch off of Republican but most Republicans hate and disown them) and liberals seem to lean far left socialism everyone is equal unless you don't agree with me then you're racist bigoted scum. I'm mostly liberal but I share a few strong conservitive views on issues such as firearms, immigration, and government structure. I only fall conservitive on three issues.

    Guns: the gun laws are fine where they are at and in a few places way too strict. We need less people trying to bans guns and more people teaching the value of life and training children hands on safety, and active shooter response strategies. Most child related accidental gun deaths happen because the gun is considered taboo lock far from sight and the child is curious and wants to explore with zero knowledge of how the mechanisms work. My brother and son have been around guns just like I had our whole lives. My son won't touch it unless I am there I tested that on many occasions with hidden cameras. And my brother is confident and competent enough to disarm any firearm eliminating any threat.

    Immigration: screw trumps wall. border patrol just needs more support and the system needs to be rewritten, and this is based solely on the observation of overcrowding in border areas and shrinking job market. We are as a country reaching a breaking point in the commercial sector more jobs get outsourced every year and we take in a lot of immigrants when we can't even employ what we already have. Other countries have strict immigration laws based on occupational benifits the immigrant will bring to them why is it such an issue for us to do the same.

    Government structure: I do not believe the government has the right to govern the citizens directly. The federal branch was formed to guide the state branch to prevent civil uprisings against one another in its most base form. It was written as the people elect a rep to represent the state government and the federal was in line as a majority rule to protect the interests of the state's in general. I don't agree with calling them leaders nor do I agree with feds regulating day to day dealings. Those duties fall to states. But also I agree that without certian pushes states act in the opposite of their citizens interests requiring federal intervention but the federal government has been abusing that power of late.

    those are my three conservative ideals everything else aligns more along the liberal Side of things with varying degrees. I lean father left the most anyone in my state but I consider myself more in the center. How do people keep getting racism and homophobia out of those ideals? And why is it required in social structures to be an extreme leftist to be gay? Isn't liberals lumping all conservatives as bigots based on being conservitive a form of discrimination and segregation in itself. Is that not the whole thing they fight against. And what probably pissed me off more than anything is the comment "Well your recently out give it some time and you will completely drop your conservitive ideas and join us" no where in my beliefs do I go against LGBT that statement was in itself discriminatory, and people wonder why I generally don't like heavy liberals. Most are brainwashed that by serving their ideas they are immune to discrimination and often speak before thinking.

    granted I try not to pay attention too much to politics because in the grand scheme life Will go on eventually it'll balance itself out it always does but this one really pissed me off.

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    I do apoligise for any mistakes in that this was done on a cell phone and auto correct has been known to sneak in incorrect words

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    It's just one of those things. I get labeled an SJW sometimes even though that couldn't be further from the truth. I tend to fall on both sides depending on the issue. In fact, I am fairly certain most people do other than the extremists.

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    That's just politics W0lfpack, screw what those all-or-nothing political types think.

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    w0lfpack91, you sound like someone who has read the Constitution. I don't see how gender/sexual orientation has an effect on political leanings.

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    It is just the way the media/mud slinging has been portraying the parties. Sometimes it seems it might be deserved, but more often then not it is just black and white thinking no middle ground at all. Most republicans are, as you say, not racist but we get labeled as such cause we think that minorities should make their own way or at least be allowed to instead of getting handouts for life/special treatment jsut cause they are a minority. Most of us could also care less about orientation we just don't like it shoved in our faces or forced to do things that we might not be comfortable with just to appease some big mouth that thinks their rights trump ours. In other words most of us take a "you do your thing and let us do ours, just don't make a ruckus about either" stance

    There is also a bit of a double standard, maybe appearing to come more from one side but both sides likely have a bit of one. This double standard, to those of us on the right/right of center, seems to come mostly from the left and likely the extreme left at that. Double standards are trash and have no place in civil discussion, anyone that uses them in politics should be voted out or not even voted in.

    The only way to stop such is to get people to think and continue thinking when things like the race card get played. Most people in the U.S. are a mix of liberal and conservative, like I am fiscally conservative, as in we work within our means, yet socially liberal, as in everyone has equal chance to improve themselves regardless of race, orientation, gender, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORBaby View Post
    w0lfpack91, you sound like someone who has read the Constitution. I don't see how gender/sexual orientation has an effect on political leanings.
    Well yeah who hasn't it's force-fed down your throat in school however even still to this day it's a good basis as well as a good fallback yes there are some things that may need to be altered and changed but that's where the Amendments came in by no means is it perfect the way it is there's always room for improvement but we just have to be sure that the new rules don't supersede and overwrite the valid older rules and I use the term valid in response the social structure today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icewolf View Post
    everyone has equal chance to improve themselves regardless of race, orientation, gender, etc.
    That sounds conservative, equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Liberals sound more like equal outcomes. Just because I make a lot of money (I wish) and can afford a nice car, you should also have a nice car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORBaby View Post
    That sounds conservative, equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Liberals sound more like equal outcomes. Just because I make a lot of money (I wish) and can afford a nice car, you should also have a nice car.
    Well, it is one that can be a bit of both, liberal cause to get that equal oppertunity some need aid from the government, I.E. programs like welfare, but like you said, not equal outcome. I called it socially liberal cause it is for the more liberal programs made to help people out should they need it, and it is still more liberal then some other conservatives, I.E. the ones that sound like they actually do want to cut/end welfare rather then keep it where it is at.
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    Most people like certainty and simplicity in their lives, and therefore prefer to see the world in binary terms. Black or white, good or evil, us or them, ally or enemy, Liberal or Conservative. If there are two more-or-less consistent and coherent ideological "packages", it's easier to cleave to and defend one or the other as a whole, than to put time and thought into developing nuanced views on individual issues. It's intellectual laziness, basically, and people may understanbly feel inferior and defensive when confronted with evidence that someone else has clearly thought more about the issues than they have.

    You could also regard it as the political equivalent of the "uncanny valley" phenomenon. People that are almost, but not quite, like us can be far more disturbing than people who are completely different. The constant but unpredictable juxtaposition of the familiar and the alien, rather than consistently being one or the other, keeps us off-balance. We find it hard to understand how someone so similar can also be so different, and that which we cannot understand, we all to often regard as a threat.

    IMHO, the sheer vitriol and divisiveness of America's "Culture Wars" has made this natural tendency far worse. Each side shouts so loud that anyone in the middle can't make themselves heard. You have to align with one or the other if you want to achieve anything, and thus end up being coerced into following the group consensus.
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