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    Hi from dallas. I am from the dallas area. Lived her most of my life. I grew up in Colorado. Work in the fod industy as a manager.

    I have enjoyed diapers for as long as I can remember. I was bed wetter for along time. I can rember stashing them and getting them any way i could. When i was old enough to drive started waering almost every night till my parent finally found out. They where not suportive the first time. Then they found them agian , and were upset had to sit sown and explain it to them. They offered to buy them for me but thats all I could wear. I was to shy about them to say yes back then, kinda wish I would have. Then i would still wear think they knew.

    Had a few girlfriends growing up that I would tell most waer pretty acepting. It would not work out for one reson or another . My wife is not supirtive of it and wants me to get help every time I bring it up. So I just mainly wear to work more often than not .

    I enjoy football my devenr broncos. I also enjoy target shooting. I would say i am adventrous and out going, just people person in genral. I am dyslexic so I sorry if everything was a little hard to read.

    Witch was my nick name as a kid

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    Hello Micky and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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    Hey Micky, cool intro. Sorry your wife's not supporting you. You can rely on plenty of support here, and hopefully some ways to help to encourage your wife.

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