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Thread: Do I relax and allow myself to regress

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    Cool Do I relax and allow myself to regress

    Hi everyone.

    It a Saturdays afternoon hear in the UK. Paddy and I have been in the garden for most of it. It been great.

    But it is now 4.00 which is the time I have a nap for a couple of hours.

    But I can feel myself start to redress, the last time I got scared becouse I was an baby and was not really able to do much at all. It took a while to get back to being 5-7 again. Which is where I am most of the time.

    I let Paddy know what happiness in my head. Hope he going to be OK.
    I really don't make much sense as a baby has find it difficult to talk let alone put words together.

    I think I just friten of letting my self go.

    So some questions, if you let your self regress to a mode state of a baby. What do you do to come back out.

    Is it better to do that on your own, or do you have a caregiver to help.

    I can feel my self slipping back has I type. Which is get hard.

    Have gone to voice to text so sorry for any best spelling I'll let you know how it goes later thanks si si

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    What I do is this, sisi. I basically let the regression go it's corse, It pretty much works that way everytime.

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    I love regressing to a baby. As long as I have my wife to look after me then I am safe and cared for.

    Sisi go with it and enjoy. Babies have the best time with no worries about anything.

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    100% with letting it take its course.

    Quote Originally Posted by KittyninjaW View Post
    What I do is this, sisi. I basically let the regression go it's corse, It pretty much works that way everytime.

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    Hi everyone

    Paddy is really great as a big brother. But not as a care giver and he teases me,

    So I only regressed for a short period as mind was going to anyway.

    There was one morning when I wock in a regressed state and I found I was not coming back up and that scared me.

    I know if I had a care give that I trusted, they would be able to hold me in an Baby mind state for some time.

    Any way I am back to my normal mind state of being slightly naughty little boy.

    I have to look after my self and put my self to bed, as my Paddy as gone out.

    But I good there doesn't seem to be too many monsters under the bed tonight.

    Sucking a pacifier and cuddling Peter and Rex.



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