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Thread: What clothes Do you wear

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    Default What clothes Do you wear

    I have grown up clothes and Some more childish clothing i Can pass as normal. I have a Pink Hoodie, skinnies Jeans, jeggings, a denin skirt, a white butterflies Tee skirt, a purpose Tee skirt with Roses Arranged into a heart, cute socks, a Couple Pairs of my Old childhood panties, my pajamas, i have made a footie sleeper and a onesie, i have Bought a 2 pack of Girls nightdresses, i someone Managed to squeeze into Age 8-9 nighties, i wear my dresses and of Course my diapers. What Are your clothes that you wear on day to day Basis?

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    I like to wear age-appropriate clothing for a girl my age, but some things have to be taken into consideration with diapers

    I generally don't wear tights unless I wear a long shirt or dress over it, and skinny jeans are out of the question. I'm a big fan of rompers and jumpsuits, forever21 has many great rompers. They are easy to get on and off for changes and leave more room in the seat for padding

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    The clothing I like to where they don't Mack in my size.
    Pluss I am a little bit of a naughty boy when it comes to wearing clothing.
    If I could get away with it I would just have my nappy on. In the summer and shorts and t-shirt and maybe a wooly jumper in the winter.

    But it is shorts and t shirt for me most of the year around.

    Basically I like to dress how I feel, and I feel like I am 5 most of the time.

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    I'm Lucky my skinnies Jeans Are not Too tight, but still one Pair is Too tight Even without the Diaper so that's a no go. With dresses, i wear a Pair of Shorts Underneath and no-one Would be suspicious because i Could be Wearing Shorts so i had pockets Or just to Protect Myself from perverts who like to Look up Girls skirts. I also wear a Pair of panties/Knickers over my Diaper/Nappy so it prevents my Butt from crinkling. My Outfits Can be me and childish without it being appropriate Hence my Pretty dresses and tops. Everyone Thinks i dress cute, Bonus! With clothes and especially my Diaper I feel little and like me. Ok i Know i Said that twice but that Statement is important. I don't get Diaper Bulges in my skinny jeans, plus no-one Looks at your crotch and i wear a Medium sized Shirt. My more Babyish clothing i wear in private but i have worn one of onesies in Winter under my pink zip up hoodie. Of Course i wore my jeggings over them. Nothing about my clothing has changed Since i started Wearing diapers. I Must hide it well because my dad asked me if i needed the toilet when i was Last visiting my mum in Hospital before we left. I Said no of Course and Smiled to Myself and thought "i don't have to wait to use the restroom, haha!" I have Some Black and more dull clothing but there is a cute top i have, Grey with leopard print .

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    I wear mostly clothes that match my shorts. Most of them have graphics or some kind of images, but I do have more adult clothes for when needed.

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    I prefere adult black coloured clothes and military boots. It'd be with some rock/metal symbol, but not necassary. For diapered in public are the best militar or cop's pants, beacuse it makes the diaper invisible. I dislike babish clothing on myself.

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    I mostly wear what my grandmother picks out, sadly. Although I don't really like it and would prefer to pick out my own clothes. As for wearing diapers out, I wish I could.

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    I just wear what I want. If my nappies show under my clothes so what.

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    me im a big fan of jumpers it's like a my little stand against being an adult. funny age my boi age gets older they seem to more acceptable. i like my above the knee and something on the front top. a must is pockets in the bib top or waist (binkie hideaway) winter alwise tights and summer bare leg with short stocks. i have been trying to try other things i have gotten shortalls, and romper the judge is still out on them.

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    I just wear regular adult male clothes.
    In Summer I wear shorts which show off my AFO leg braces.

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