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Thread: I just didn,t feel like myself

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    Default I just didn,t feel like myself

    I had to go clothes Shopping with my gradmother and she goes in the changing Room Stall with me which Makes me feel Little but i couldn,t wear my diapers as she doesn,t have a Clue and if she did she Would Give me something Else to feel ashamed about. I wore my skirt which made me feel Little momentarily but i needed that diaper, plus i,m incontinent so i Risked it by just Wearing regular underwear. She Kept sticking her nose in and telling me to get a Part Time Job when i am Sorting Things out. I was getting so stressed out i was getting a headache and feeling inferior, i am SO Glad i am back and in diapers again. Anyway got Some Nice clothes that you Can Check out in the sissy section.

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