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Thread: HiHi! ^^

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    Cool HiHi! ^^

    Hallu, I am Kein but you may call me PurplePup, I am not an AB however I am a Babyfur Wolf Cub. I am indeed new here so dont dogpile me please! Dx

    Anyways, I am an Uber KH Fanatic but I tend to keep that in comparison my my Fursona! You might say im a DL but I dun think I can explains. x.x

    Visual Arts and High Creativity is what I am truly proud to have in my life because I can make most sketches out of one's personality , I look into their Interests, style of Music ... and Boom! You got yourself a Fursona Piccy from me! I do not do commissions cause I have a short attention span unfortunately. But I do pick people at random sometimes and make them a piccy as a gift sometimes.

    also, I do have Second Life that I am on alot as Kein Dezno, so feel free to get to know me if you want. I never judge, harass and I proudly stand up for those suffering from negativity unless they accept it! ^^

    As for what I mentioned , my Fursona is a wolf because It is my fear of the animal in fantasy I pulled from! So basically I am a wolf because I want to understand my own fear itself. But I dont want to get to chitter chattery so just want to say HIHI and Im new to ADISC.

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    Heya Kein. Glad to see that you're here too. It's me, Touga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Areha View Post
    Heya Kein. Glad to see that you're here too. It's me, Touga.
    Kewlies :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Corri_aka_Drew View Post
    Hello brudder ^_^
    *waves* hihi Corri!
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