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    Hi all,
    Perusing the web looking for PUL pants I had a thought that I'd like to try cloth nappies. I was wondering which are the best types or is it personal preference?

    Pull up

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    Hey Justo. Yeah you should give it a go. It's definitely a different feel. I personally prefer a pin on cloth than a pull on...I think it's because of the snug fit. But I haven't really tried the AIO types they do look kinda nice. I think your right though it's always personal preference...what feels right I guess.

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    Hi, Justo. Being a child of the '60s, I've always had an affinity for cloth diapers. They're completely impractical and kind of a pain to use and wash, but that hasn't stopped me from amassing a pretty good collection of them, and using them when I can.

    Pin-on--I could never get the hang of these. I have a couple and they never stay up. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but they just don't seem to work on my body.
    Velco--I never trusted these, since I know that Velcro eventually loses some of its staying power and you have to be really careful that they don't stick to things they're not supposed to.
    Pull up--Bingo! These are my favs. I have several of these, but the one I want next comes from They have a nighttime version that I'm just itching to try.
    Prefold--Got a couple of these too, but if you're going to go cloth, why sacrifice bulk between your legs where you'll need and enjoy it most?
    Other--Ozbub (above) mentioned all-in-one diapers, and I have a few of these too. Not one of them is any good. Since the waterproof pant is attached to the diaper, leaks are inevitable, and the cover will never last as long as the diaper. Not a fan.

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    Although I was a 90's baby and grew up wearing and loving disposable diapers like Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs, I have done a lot of experimenting with my Fetish. Mostly because the internet was dominated with Cloth diaper lovers in the beginning (at least that's how I perceived it), I grew my own interest for them. I've tried all of the options that you listed, and the only type I personally wouldn't recommend would be the Pull-up cloth diapers. For me, they were harder to clean, upkeep, dry, and I also didn't like the aesthetic as much.

    I still love plastic-backed disposable adult diapers the most, but I'll alway have a soft spot for cloth diapers.

    Might I add, It has been interesting watching the cloth diaper majority shift to disposable diapers as the younger waves of diaper lovers and adult babies grow up. Methinks the babies of today may not mind the cloth-backing, as they're first time in diapers were with the new models of Pampers and Huggies.

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    I prefer cloth although yes it is a massive pain to wash and dry every time I believe nothing beats it for night time.

    I would avoid Velcro, it's really annoying after the first few washes and loses its grip. Pin on prefolds or contours would be the best option, if going for an all in one get ones with snaps. And don't forget plastic pants!

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    I'm a '50s baby, so I was in cloth diapers when a baby. I like using flat diapers. I fold a couple in thirds for the center panel. Can add more if I want more padding. I find the flats easy to wash and dry faster than pre-folds.

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    I too wear cloth diapers. I find that pre-folds are easy to use. You just pin one corner to the other, one on each side. I pin the left first. Then I pull the right side together tightly and pin them.

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    I too Use cloth.

    Pin on, pre-fold cotton gauze feel like and look like the real deal. Birds eye cotton are a lot thicker, and cotton twill is not much different.

    The thing is to learn how to pin them correctly and once the technique is learned they stay snugger longer.

    The folding is entirely a personal preference.

    There is sites that can be googled for the different pinning methods and fold types..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justo View Post
    Hi all,
    Perusing the web looking for PUL pants I had a thought that I'd like to try cloth nappies. I was wondering which are the best types or is it personal preference?

    Pull up
    I wear prefolds. And, for me, most of that is a fetish thing. I was put in cloth as a baby, and grew up with easy access to prefolds and pins, so I developed a strong attachment to them early on. Whereas pinning is considered a drawback by some, I've found that I enjoy the process of diapering myself and don't mind the pinning at all. Like so many aspects of diaper-wearing, you practice, and pretty soon it's no biggie.

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    I believe I wore cloth with the occasional disposable as a baby but since I don't have memories of that it doesn't influence my preferences. I tend to prefer to wear what I would wear if I had been born 2 years ago instead, meaning I'm not driven by specific nostalgia, instead I like to be like a toddler now.

    I've been getting into cloth diapers recently, but in keeping with what I mentioned before I prefer pocket diapers. I'm starting to have a really nice collection, it makes me feel so cute and little, I like my pocket diapers very much.

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