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Thread: He told me to go and play !

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    Default He told me to go and play !

    I was being super annoying because my husband Ben was doing something and I wanted hugs. He has got to make his food for work tomorrow and the kitchen is a real mess. But I kept going on cos I wanted cuddles and I am more important than anything! So he stopped and gave me a quick hug and then told me to go and play. I said OK and went upstairs to my room. I got my dolls out. They had a major bbf disaster when Cameron, Chlo's boyfriend starting crushing on the new girl in class! Anyway the thing that made me so happy was that he told me to go and play in a really loving way. It made me feel so happy - I had to share with you all!

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    That's a very warming story, sounds like a great guy.

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    I think it would be awesome for someone to genuinely mean that when they say it to me lol. I say I'm gonna go play a lot but I can't remember the last time someone said it to me. So lucky!

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