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Thread: I have a routine

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    Default I have a routine

    I created a routine to help me get to college on time which without a routine, i'm stuck which due to my autism i can't have a basic grasp on time. It helped me a lot and i even incorperated what are my playtimes and what big girl chores i need to do for the days off which is only a couple a day. I have a set bedtime and naptime so i can prepare my bag for college the night before. i scoffed at the thought of a routine before i realised how lost i am without it. So glad I did it, i feel even more little now i have a strict routine. Do any of you guys follow a routine?

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    My one kitty is a routine Nazi ..... so yes! Meal time, bedtime, quiet time, walk time and playtime are all done similarly day to day (weekends do have a slightly different plan but they seem to know - except breakfast, no sleeping in allowed!!).

    I have been having a very rough time with sleep lately so I'm trying really hard to have the hour before bed extremely planned and the same every day, some of it is going well but some days I'm just too tired and go straight to bed or try to run around and get stuff done before bed. I need to work more on consistency. routines good for everyone!

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    I'm a slave to routine. It makes me feel better and perhaps, even happy. I think as humans, we tend to thrive on routines, but maybe that's just me, something I need.

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    I'm on the autism spectrum too. I have a lot of small routines I use to manage how I interact with people.

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    My wife and her family thrive on schedules. I've been trying so hard to break the habit, because it can be very disruptive at times. Especially social gatherings.

    Last year we went on a family camp out... Every minute of the day was scheduled, including which adult had to entertain the kids, while so and so got to take a nap. Camping to me is supposed to be leisure and rejuvenating. But I was more stressed out then I have ever been.

    I try to avoid routine as much as possible. For me it's too stressful and leeds to a dull life.

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    I like a routines as it help me. But I also need a caregiver to keep me to my routin as I am easily distracted. Also my routine must be fluid enough to cope with my life.

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    I don't really have a set routine right now, but I do make lists for myself. Some of the items on that list are really basic, like "get dressed, groom, eat breakfast", because if I don't make it a written goal I can procrastinate the day away in my house coat. I suppose it's a lot like a schedule, save that the sequence of events is not temporally fixed. For more time sensitive tasks I will set alarms and reminders.

    I have thought about writing a weekly routine for myself, but I think I have a tendency to overload myself with activites. I just want to fill up every spot with some activity and it gets exhausting. I also want to do all of my things (exercise, preactice music, studdy Japanese) on a daily bassis, but it's kind of difficult to fit it all in. I guess I either have to prioritize or spread these activities over different days.

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    I life revolves around a routine pretty much cause I pretty much do the same thing most days. I do certain things on certain days of the week also like how I go shopping for food on Thursdays after work. The only thing that is not a consistent routine is what I do at night when I get home for the day.

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    I have an abhorrent lack of a routine, I probably should have one but instead I just sort of float day to day over random projects.

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    Since in hospital/rehab facility and mostly bedridden...routine has been established...

    I hate routine! And the latest bout hasn't made it any better...

    I when not in hospital, tend to go 24-48 hours strait...then sleep for a couple hours, wake a couple and repeat for a day or so, maybe two...depending on my body...

    Wierd, but it's how I've always been...except before a car crash several years, I just slept for 12-14 hours!

    Never been able to nap, even in little space...and prefer to do most my work outa sight, at night, or my music studio is fully underground...NO DAYLIGHT!

    I know people that are very routine, but I'm not one!

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