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Thread: Should have worn my diapers to work

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    Default Should have worn my diapers to work

    Ok so to catch you up a little. On one of my last threads I had posted about how I wanted to wear diapers to my new job. When I went to my dresser I seen that I only had a few left, so I decided against it. Especially since I was to be out and around town all afternoon and then start work at 4.30pm and work till 9.30. I didn't want to carry the rest of my diapers around with me. Well when I got to work I was told that the rest rooms were out of order because the plumbing was acting up. Oh and the nearest bathroom was the place I used to work, which was a couple of blocks away. Which also wouldn't have been bad had I not drank allot of fluids before work. So I spent my 10 min. brake sprinting down to the bathroom(great cardio by the way) which took 12 min., due to the situation I was excused.

    Moral of the story when your mind and body are saying how about you wear your diapers today it's best to listen.

    Thanks for listening just needed to get it off my chest.

    P.S. I didn't know if this was the right place to put this, if not please feel free to move it. Thanks.

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    I do wear diapers to work all the time. Love every min of it too. Huggles

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    Quote Originally Posted by tewks7979 View Post
    I do wear diapers to work all the time. Love every min of it too. Huggles
    +1 so do i

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    If you use a car to commute to work or you use a satchel or briefcase, you can always hide a diaper for those "just in case" moments. This is what I do, and I find myself resorting to my "just in case" diaper quite often!

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    Hmmm...where do YOU work? At my job anyway, when the plumbing was not working we were sent home

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    My doc recommended that I throw out my underwear, and wear the diapers 24/7. That would be the only way to insure 100% availability when protection is necessary. It has been my experience that most people who need them will often forego the diapers for social reasons.

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    I mentioned this in another thread, but I wore a diaper to my calculus final on Monday. Glad I did- I drank a can of Mountain Dew (caffeine speeds urine production) and a sizeable bottle of water while studying prior to the exam, plus brought one with me. It was a 3 hour exam. Turns out the TAs did allow bathroom breaks, but I would've been going way too often. It was pretty much soaked by the time I finished. I was afraid it leaked, actually- because I wet it so much and was sitting down, it felt like it leaked around the back of my legs, which I realized when I went to the front of the class... when I left later, I tied my sweater around my waist to try and hide my supposedly wet pants. Fortunately, they were fine, which I found out when I got back. Still, my heart skipped a beat the first time I stood up. Glad I did, though- someone asked to go to the bathroom while I was wetting, and I just thought "Sucker."

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    I'm tempted to wear at work but I'm too afraid someone just give me a slap on my butt and would think 'hey your underwear seems pretty thick' - maybe sounds silly but yes, we have a lot of bored silly people at work

    The thing I did, when I was in the last 1 1/2 years in my apprenticeship as skilled worker (hope that is translated right^^) to shower, put a diaper and body on because I knew, at 23:30 there is no one there who would see me (we have about 600 workers/employees) - Then put the rest of my clothes on and walked home diapered.

    Sometimes I even went back down to the showers just in diaper and used the hairdryer for a few minutes, this was so awesome...someone could walk in any minute...I can't do that anymore, because people now have to work till 0:00...and I am much more afraid that someone sees me...

    Kind regards,

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    Haha....if it was me and it was a nice day, weather wise, I would have kept excusing myself to go to the bathroom, and taken about forty-five minutes to walk the block and back, stopping for some food, etc.

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    I'm with dogboy on that one , but after getting my fill of taking in the local culture and food scene , I would buy some diapers and bring them to the office offering everyone a "refreshing break in your pants" and when people refused and we're mortified ,you would have a justified diaper presence at the office and an excuse to be wearing ,you could cite the enviroment and costs and such and say well I ain't wasting these so I'll wear em, all problems solved in one easy lesson, except how you still have some a month later. These diapers are like French fries the endless appetizer.

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