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Thread: Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

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    Default Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

    Here they are folks:

    I can't say any of them stand out as cute to me like Fennekin did but I'll probably end up with Rowlet.

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    I plan on going with Litten. Normally I'd go with the grass type starter but Rowlet just doesn't stand out to me.

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    Owl with a bow tie works really well for me on cuteness. I dislike grass though, I usually prefer electric attacks to deal with water and water or fighting for rock. Still, grass flying might be an interesting typing combo. It's specifically ultra weak to ice (what isn't, really) but doesn't have the usual electrical or bug weaknesses of the separate types and offensively it covers 6 types with 1.25x super effective attacks, which could make for a versatile sweeper.

    Depending on what the ultimates look like and their alternate typings, I can't make a final choice though. I usually lean away from water starts because every pokemon game has fishing and therefore a good variety of water types, whereas fire and grass tend to be harder to come by quality team members.

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    im really looking forward to playing it, I want Litten too.

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    I want Litten too. As someone said, normally I go with grass type, due to the ability to learn poison type moves, but this time, it just isn't working for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieRoni View Post
    Owl with a bow tie works really well for me on cuteness.
    I like owls in real life but dislike them portrayed in unrealistic ways (like, made to look extra-cute in bright colors instead of like real owl species). That's just me though.

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    I usually go with water types but I'm really hesitant on popplio. Litten looks really cool but I do like rowllet.

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    I'll have to pick Litten! Though Sun/Moon are too far away for me to think about too much!
    Plus I'm still playing Pokemon X. And... No Man's Sky comes out next month, yay!

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    I'm going with Rowlet on this one. He has the eyes of death and litten seems too basic and unoriginal to me (i understand that rowlet is the same but again, them eyes xD). Popplio just creeps me out but ill wait to see where the evo lines take it.

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