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    Cool Fogiy Head

    Hi all.

    My muther use to say your brain got it pyjamas on, while by body was growing. I heard it described in the ABDL Community as fogiy head.

    It like thinking clearly is really hard, like your brain is raped in cotten wool. Or something soft and it just not going to play no more.

    Any way I was surpporting some one with there shopping to day. And it happen to me. I had to take my time with he shopping. It cleared once I was out of the shop.

    Do you got this and how do you deal with it.



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    Oh yeah; all the time. Grocery shopping always befuddles me. I have a list my wife has made, but of course, nothing is in order. To make matters worse, our grocery story is under construction, so they decided to move all the stock to different shelves and none of it makes any sense. Greeting cards are with the bread. I know. Really stupid, but this is the South.

    I'll also walk into a room in my house to get something, get sidetracked and leave the room with something else. Then I have to go back. I'll forget to do things I need to do and do things I don't need to do. It's life.

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