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Thread: How secret is your AB/DL side?

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    Default How secret is your AB/DL side?

    I haven't posted in some time, been busy, had other things on my mind, usually I'm on here often, that being said, I dropped by to ask this interesting question.

    How secret is your AB/DL side, are you open about it, or do you treat it as some kind of military secret, where no body in your life actually knows, (kind of like me)

    If you're open about it, what made you choose to be open about it, or if you're secret, why It's a secret. with me I don't see it as a normal thing(socially that is), so I treat it as very confidential and obviously separate my AB/DL life from my real life as much as I can.

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    I am fairly open about it. The main reason I decided to be open about it is because every time I have tried to hide it, I failed to do so. So, I learned it's better to be upfront about it and then there will be no surprises later down the road. I even tell people I date early on to get it out of the way.

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    I am open as I see no need to hide in the bushes. I love being a Little and the freedom to be my self. I understand that some people have different lives and feel that they are not able to be as open about who they are, but I think it is much better to live life to the fullest as the person you really are.

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    I don't think "secret" is the correct word for me anymore. For a long time, it was a dread secret, something that I had to keep to myself at all costs. Now I see it as private, which still means I'm keeping it to myself, aside from ABDL friends. However, the effort and angst I put into keeping it to myself is far less. I take what seem to me to be reasonable measures for privacy but if someone wants to be rude and invade that privacy, they will learn something unusual and perhaps not to their liking.

    At this point, it's a slightly higher level of concern than just keeping my underpants out of public view (which I have conscious concern over for some reason). I'll do what is reasonable, but if someone sees something, I'll deal with the consequences.

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    I don't tell people in real life about this side of me but I also allow some of my baby mannerisms to show. I wear babyish clothes like overalls and watch cartoons and my parents know I have pacifiers and suck my thumb. Basically, I do whatever I can get away with without raising too many eyebrows.

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    I would say that mine is still a tightly guarded secret, although I'm becoming more amenable to opening up about it. I told my wife about 18 months ago and she's kind of bemused by it, but not a huge fan. Once every few months, I'll wear in front of her, but that's only under my footie PJs which by their nature don't allow waistbands to poke out. This summer I might try to hang out in a diaper and t-shirt or something, just to push that edge. We'll see.

    Would I tell anyone else? Recently, I've become more and more comfortable with the idea of telling some very very close friends about it. I have not done so though. One of my friends has said a few things about her husband (also my friend) that seemed like mild suggestions that he might be ABDL. On more than one occasion, she said that after she moved in with him, "she had to get rid of all of his Pampers." I'm not sure if that's her suggesting that he was an incompetent bachelor/manchild or if it was her actually saying she had to get rid of his diapers. I'm not making the first move on finding that out. Maybe if the 4 of us are sitting around over a couple bottles of wine and shit gets personal, it might come out. I have this dream of them affirming my suspicions and high-fiving him. After that, X-Box and diapers, hell yeah.

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    In real life I've only told two people. One is the young woman that was about to be homeless, that I allowed to move into my office/spare bedroom. Did not want to be hiding in my own home. The other met on a dating website so she knew from my profile that I'm an ABDL. She was my mommy for a couple of months, but it didn't work out. (None ABDL issues.) I never told my ex-wife (married for over 15 years), or my last girl friend that I dated for over 12 years. So I would say it's a well guarded secret. But thanks to everyone on here I'm feeling more comfortable about being able to be open about it. If I could find a new girl friend, I'll tell her about it when it seems appropriate.

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    This AB/DL Diapers, baby stuff, stuffed animals, doesnt really match the type of person I appear to be. So, I only tell people on here. I've been caught a few times by my parents, but they don't know how deeper it goes. I treat this as something I'll take to the grave. I wouldnt tell any one in person unless they are into the same things.

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    I've only told one person who was okay with it. Since then, I've decided that, since it's a private part of my life and I currently can't indulge in it anyway, I don't really need anyone else to know.

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