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Thread: Autism sucks

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    Default Autism sucks

    I have autism and i don't have any Friends resulting from it, either that or my Interests Are little based and not many People i meet are littles. I got Kicked Off my childcare course just because i couldn,t Control a group of children.

    I am Seen as obnoxious and rude because i can't tell when i am being rude, i Intimitdate people without knowing and i hate it! I am a nice Person why just wants to get to Know you, noone is on my page and its frustrating!

    If i Could have a cure for autism, i would take as a nobrainer. It's ruining my life and it's just not fair!

    I'm not sure if my autism is so bad because i am only 18 and not had many Friends and have been bullied.

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    I feel as if what i Type Or say gets translated by non-autistics like i say "Shall we sit together at lunch?" And non-autistics Hear "i can't wait to hear your boring conversations and pretend to listen to you and then talk behind your back later on"

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    I obviously don't say the Second comment, it's just what i think others think of me

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    I am old enough to be your dad, and at my age of 58, being autistic does not suck.
    Yes, I have the manners of a Klingon, but I am not bothered by my own autistic quirks.
    I know, I do not have many friends, but I am used to being alone by myself.
    Seems like you are beating yourself over the head emotionally today...

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    I know I was born with some developmental issues and I can't recall ever being officially diagnosed with Autism but I have displayed and do possess some autistic-like behavior patterns even to this day.

    I'm not very good in social situations and generally am more task oriented. I've had my share of bullying in my younger days (verbal mostly) and never had many friends due to the combination of being an introvert and moving around every few years. Its been a struggle to relate to others as a result. I had friends growing up but we grew apart after awhile. I've been let go from direct customer service jobs because I come off as rude even though I do my best to be friendly. After awhile I've come to accept that is just who I am. For the longest time I thought I was just too stupid to do anything of real value for society so I more or less locked myself in my room and hardly came out. For about ten years from age 18-28 I struggled to find my place as an adult so it took me awhile. I'm just thankful my parents are patient.

    All I can say is what I view though. I don't think the world is fair nor has it ever been fair especially to those of us that are suffering from either mental or physical ailments or sometimes both mental and physical that would hinder our ability to live and thrive in a seemingly unjust world.

    Everyone just wants to be accepted.

    Hang in there and just do something you enjoy doing to stay occupied.

    Best of luck to you

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    I was diagnosed with the autism formerly known as Asperger's in 2012. It wasn't until my late 20s (I'm 52) that I was able to make friends with people close to my age -- I had to learn how to understand neurotypicals close to my age. It will get better.

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    Angelic, is there anyone working with you? In the U. S., we have classes and teachers, sociologists and other professional organizations that help Autistic people cope with autism and society. I know it's not easy, but there are paths that can lead to some success. My wife is a retired special ed teacher and our daughter in law works with challenged students. I am a retired teacher assistant that also worked with kids who had these kinds of challenges. We did see improvement, so don't give up hope. Instead, if it's possible for you, seek help.

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    Right down the block from me is a national Institute for Autism, so I interact with people on the spectrum all the time, also my little brother is an aspie with sensory processing issues.

    I actually have been helped by staff from the center, the joystick on my wheelchair broke when I was on a curved elevated sidewalk and with no control I ended up wiping out and being ejected from my chair, laying in the busy street is not optimal for anybody, my luck happened to be good that day and some one from the center saw it happen , kept me from getting smashed by a car and was actually trained to safely pick me up without hurting themselves or me,at the same time a couple of guys righted my chair and so it all worked for good .

    Yes being not neurological can be a pain , just bear in mind it's our job to adjust to you and your individuality and "quirks", making friends who accept you for you is not easy for even neurotypicals but it will happen give it time, you are still young and have plenty of time to find the right people.

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    I finally made lots of friends in my late 40's.
    I have lots of Autistic friends all over the place.

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    Where I live they have classes for young adults with autism so that they can aquire social skills. Perhaps such a program would help you with making friends. Drama classes can also be helpfull as you are essentually studying human behaviour and how to reproduce it.

    Ultimately though, I think you want to find friends who will like you for who you are. It's fine to change the way you express yourself to become more approachable, but if you end up having to hide your real opinions and intersts just to get close to other people then what is the point? Maybe see if there are any littles meetups in your area, aspie support/social groups, or youth groups appropriate to your chronoligical age.

    I suppose I have been lucky. Though I have certainly had my social impedements I have always had friends. It wasn't untill my 20s, however, that I really began to make groups of friends on my own. It was really joining a queer youth group (youth extending to 25 in this case) that allowed me to make this progress. Such groups tend to be very non-judgemental and accepting of differences.

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    I'm on the spectrum as well and I can definitely understand where you're coming from.

    I had many of the same problems when I was younger, and I know ABA Therapy definitely worked for me. I still have social anxiety thanks to ASD, and thanks to that as well as just being introverted, I tend to be very quiet and to myself. However, I do pass as NT now. Only one friend knows I'm on the spectrum (more friends know I'm an ABDL than an Aspie) and the topic of having autism hasn't been discussed in my family in nearly 6 years (I'm assuming that they think I'm one of the people who beat it).

    I know you mentioned making friends is a problem for you and that being autistic is a hurdle to meeting others. The only thing I can honestly think of is to just get out there, and if you can't, talk to a counselor who can help you out with this problem (I feel like a guy with social anxiety is not the best person to give advice on how to make friends lol). I'm not sure exactly how ASD effects you aside from what you've mentioned so far. I know it's different for every person. For me, at this point, ASD is just something I ignore and brush under the rug (except for when I was depressed, and it was a big source of self loathing fuel, which is bad). However, this is just what's worked for me, and I'm sure you'll have people tell you the exact opposite, to embrace it, etc. Only you can decide how you paint ASD and how you describe it. I certainly hope that you feel better, and that you can make more friends, and have the life you wish to have.

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    I worked with kids with autism when I did 50 hours of tutoring for the A+ program (if you know what that is). These kids couldn't or could barely talk. Some of them were still in diapers. Yes autism sucks, but just be thankful you don't have it that bad.

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