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Thread: My birthday party

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    Default My birthday party

    Well my birthday is on the 31 of this month! But I'm off work that day so I asked for a party on the 27 of this month. I asked my friend at my job for a Pineada Aisha loves being a baby for her birthday.

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    So no invite for us all?

    Happy birthday (soon anyway)

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    Yeah, I'm just showing up....uninvited. Just kidding, but happy soon to be birthday! That must be a pretty good friend, by the way.

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    Have plenty of cake and ice cream I'll be there as soon as possible.

    Because of my Cardiac arrest in June of 2013, I have told my friends I want one he'll of a third birthday party this June, obviously those who are Littles or wear diapers can come however they want, it's a freaking 3rd birthday party most people's 3rd birthday the people in the pictures are all probably diapered so mine will be no different. Who cares that my chronological age does not jive.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISHA Enjoy the day and the pineda, any day that involves beating something until it gives you candy can't be a bad day!

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    Have lotts of fun, on your bitthday.
    wish I could be there to help you out with your cake.

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    If Aisha does not get the Pineda I'm gonna get silly string. And have my friends attack me with it omg my baby side loves that!!! And Aisha never said you guys can't come

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    Well guess what everyone Aisha is gonna be so happy on the 27 of this month!!!! I'm gonna have dove chocolates in the Pineda

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    Tomorrow is the day I'm so excited and kinda nervous lol! I don't think I ever had a Pineda I won't be able to hide my baby side

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    Have a great day!! Wish you a mind blasting birthday....
    Have fun!!!!

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    Today it's the day it's the day!!!!! I'm so so excited

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