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Thread: Colorado Medieval Festival/game anyone?

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    Default Colorado Medieval Festival/game anyone?

    I'm going to be manning a booth at the medieval festival, and I wanted to know if anyone was going to be there as another vendor or just for fun?

    If you are going how about playing a little game with me? Here it is plain and simple try to guess which vendor/booth I am. That's it. Try to deduce my "secret identity" by any means possible(note no pants pulling or feeling for a diaper). I will announce the vendor/booth I am about the week after the festival(on this thread if possible if not I will make a new thread called Colorado Medieval Festival/game results). The winner(s) shall receive total and complete bragging rights. Post which vendor/booth you think I am here if possible.

    So who's up for a qwest?
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    Really keen to do this one day, not pants you I mean go to a medieval festival and do some larping.

    Have lots of fun (can't go too far away and can't get time off from work.)

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