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Thread: Any one have experience in this area?

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    Default Any one have experience in this area?

    So I'm starting a new job for a couple months, mainly a summer job. I've been wanting to spread my abdlism out a little, and this job sounds like the perfect place. I don't know anyone there, so I wouldn't be destroying any friendships. Every other job I'd already known someone working there. It's only going to be maybe 15 hours a week stuck at a register. So what I'm asking is this, is how do you think I should go about it? Better yet, if anyone has done something similar, what has been your experience?

    Ok, let me clear this up a little. I intend to go in diapered, (with pants on) and maybe sneak my favorite pacifier in as well(for break time). NOT in babyish clothing, they have a strict dress code. I do have another question that I would like your input on. Should I tell the manager, and/or the other employees, or should I keep it to myself and just wear without their knowledge? F.Y.I. I am perfectly comfortable telling the management, if you think it should be brought up.

    Thank you for any and all input.

    P.S. If you are in management what would you do if an employee came to you with what I'm proposing?

    Again thank you for any input.

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    By being "stuck at a register" I presume that you will be dealing with the public. The public in general is very judgemental and unforgiving - and management is highly aware of this. They will tell you that demonstrating anything controversial such as politics, religion, sexual identity, sexual preferences etc. is strictly off limits in the commercial environment. In short, you should not stick out or make the customers uncomfortable. Also, do not forget that the much of the public would mistakenly confuse your orientation as pedophilia.

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    There is nothing wrong with wearing a diaper under your clothes. But my thinking is that I would leave the pacifier at home, and there is probably no reason to tell your manager.

    If you plan to wear AB/DL diapers to work, I wouldn't throw them away in the store bathroom. If you are wearing normal adult diapers, I'd think it was fine to throw them away at work.

    Basically, since you are around other employees you don't know, it's easy to get away with the assumption of possibly 'needing' them. But exposing AB/DL type things that are confusing when witnessed or found might make others feel uncomfortable.

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    Personally I'd probably take this the same way about anything that a person likes. Does your work place need to know? Really? And if they do WHY do they? Is this going to be something that majorly is going to affect your work life or do you just want them to know because it is part of who you are? If it is the latter then they really don't need to know. I'd love the people I work with to know that I go home for bubble baths, banana milshakes, re runs of MLP and roll play games with my dolls because that is me but actually it really is just one part of me, my inner child. The way I see my little side is that there is the inner child (the part of me that wants my milkshakes my cartoons my dolls etc.) and then there is the parent self. That is the 'boring' side of me that has to make sure things run smoothly so that the little self can be free.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    I would totally don't recommend to bring your pacifier to your work place or tell anyone. People are really judgemental like said before on another reply. The diaper is ok if you hide it well and don't let people like see it obviously. People mistaken wearing diapers to a pedophile and that isn't good for our community or your job. I know is really cool to go out wearing diapers (I have done it) but i try to hide it mostly because i don't want people like talking behind my back. Plus management can be very strict with their companies. Remember if they don't enforce the rules of the store their jobs are in danger. Like i said before i don't recommend any of the things you said, just maybe the diapers if you're gonna hide them well.

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    diaper no big deal but pacifier i dont think so. im one that dress very child like at work jumper etc, and yes i have a binkie in my jumper pocket but never have i taken it out in the store and sucked on it even though i have want to for me just knowing it's there and being able to touch it when i get uptight is enough. my boss is cool with me but i think he would have a problem with that.

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    As others have said leave the pacifier at home. Would you wear a ball gag on your break if that was your thing? I wear a diaper everyday out of need and no one has said anything. I would also suggest as was mentioned earlier that if you are going to wear ABDL diapers do not throw them away at work.

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    My advice is be your self.
    And if you are asked then be open about it all as if everyone knows what a Little is.

    I Always go to school (work.) in a dry diaper and take a changing bag with me so if I need to have a chance I can at break time.
    Sir knows why I am tacking a bag into the toilet. So there is no misunderstanding why I am doing this, I have a suck on my way to school and on my way home and I suck at school if no one else is about.

    The trick is to be who you are, with out pushing it in other people's face. Just quickly getting on with what you have been asked to do.

    I am very much accepted by my work colleagues. So when my word come out funny and I sound like a toddler. Or I get my self in a muddle they understand, and are willing to help me.

    As your new class mates find out that you are a Little especially if they are a natural P-Dom they will fuss over you a, and you will have to alow them to do this as they are being open with you as much as you are with them. But be ready to tell them that they are not your P-Dom if they get to much.

    It is great being Diaper at work and wetting in front of Sir is something else. It like you are doing something naughty and he has no idea what you are doing.

    Anyway hope this help you.


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    Diapers aren't a big deal but do NOT bring a Pacifier to work with you. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlitz View Post
    Diapers aren't a big deal but do NOT bring a Pacifier to work with you. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

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