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    No, i am not Talking about my nasty Dreams Regarding my Parents but my AB ones. I sometimes have AB Dreams quite sepperate to my ordinary Dreams and especially sepperate from my nasty dreams.

    I have Dreams that i am in daycare, at Home in my Old Room, in a new Home as a new toddler. I have my Schnulli sometimes (paci for anyone why döst,t Know yet) , i have fun Playing, or sometimes Dreaming about Having a nap whilst Having a nap. Strange! I have,t had a Dream about a Nappy change yet

    Sometimes my Dreams Collide and i end up with a adult Body Or my Family Are Around me and i end up being a Baby in a adults Body and i have to hide my Baby Stuff like i Do in real life, i had a Dream that i was going to College with my favourites schnulli in my Mouth and noone gave me a sepperate Look, lol. I was just walking to my College when i looked in the Windows and saw my reflection as a adult with my schnulli. Oh-oh i thought, but noone cared, wish that happened in real life.

    Why dont you all Tell me your Dreams als a Baby, hybrid Or als your curent Self.

    When i say Hybrid i mean Baby-adult Hybrid when noone Laughs at your Ahem , Baby Habits.

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    Correction Second look

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    Well I do remember a dream a few years ago where I was being spoon fed baby food by my older sister and being cooed over by her. There was more but as of now that's all I can remember.

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    I had a dream that I had simply woken up as a baby, my gf at the time was my mommy and she took me out in a stroller, changed me a few times, bottle fed me, and sang to me.

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    I don't dream very much in general but every now and then I do and I've had a slew of ageplay dreams. Daycare, babysitting, family holidays. Usually a mish mash of biological ages. Sometimes I feel little in the dreams and other times I don't but still can't verbalize things.

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    I sometimes have some ABDL related dreams, but not really regresive and mostly with some kind of sexual content.

    Remember one, when I was in only diaper in the city and everybody else too. Cops too. Not everybody, but a lot of people had pacis of all clases and colours (cops always black one, but not only them.) Another was about "diaper prision," my favourite fantasy. May I'm crazy... But who's not ?

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