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    Question Current setup

    This time it's better not so morbid and saddening.

    I've had complex and heavily thought out plans. Most have only gotten so far, and I would get frustrated about everything not going according. I've set something else up. This time it's small. I mean tiny.

    1. Save money


    That's it. So far it's going good. I have three times as much as the last time I did this. I've only spent money on the minimum amount of enjoyment. I'm thinking of buying my half a case of Tykables, so I have some diaper for stress relief. I had an idea to help me stop [email protected]# buys. A fun Topic Dumbest thing you wanted to buy recently. What do people think?

    On another note, Do I post too much? I really like talking to my Adisc family.

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    I have a pretty loose but effective budget where I basically take my monthly salary, subtract all my regular expenses (mortgage, utility bills, insurance, and relatively consistent expenses like gas) and have a set amount that I contribute to various savings and investments every month. What's left over is my food and entertainment/other discretionary things fund, which I can spend guilt free.

    The reason I lump food in with entertainment is because while it is a regular expense, it varies heavily depending on daily decision making, and you can consciously decide to spend more or less on what you eat. I love to cook and love good food, so I have no qualms about spending $400 a month on groceries.. but that doesn't leave a lot left over for going out to a restaurant or pub with friends or buying some new toy or whatever. I can choose to spend a lot less on groceries for awhile and have more money to spend on other stuff. As long as I stay within my budget I don't have to think too much about it.

    Not saying this works for everyone, but it's an approach.

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    I took have a pretty loose budget. I work in a position where I am constantly traveling, and with that, I get per diem for every day I'm not home. That per diem alone is more than enough for me to cover all of my daily and monthly expenses, so I can take 100% of my actual paycheck and stash it away into savings or, when I get around to it, I can invest it.
    Now to answer your question, the dumbest thing I almost bought......hmmmm......I almost bought a used (2014) truck a couple weeks ago...luckily I backed out, probably wouldn't have been my greatest idea

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    I'm on a save kick right now. Planning on rearranging how I use my accounts to make that easier. Already have auto savings but I'm planning on re-purposing an extra checking account to be the fun fund. I've already spit balled my expenses and I really only have about 10% to spare each month on regular hours. So if I put 5% on auto deposit into a can spend pile for guilty pleasures I can't go over if it's not in that balance. The rest I won't look at except to check for accuracy. So an account for bills and pay checks, perks card for gas and groceries paid in full, savings, and an account for eating out or whatever else I want to buy.

    I haven't made any dumb purchases in quite some time. Probably a rifle I got for Dad's birthday a few years ago simply because it was easier to buy what I wanted and make him the scapegoat. It all lives in the same safe at the folks' house regardless.

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